Sunday, August 26, 2012

à la mode: Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl: Simone Tetteh

Another example of how being "Smart is Beautiful" comes from Vogue and their "Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl" segment. The subject happens to be Simone Tettah, a Bookings Associate for the magazine. This self-proclaimed tom-girl at heart conjured some awesome looks for her work week that were so cleverly expressive of her personality that I had to offer this as another perfect example of how "Smart is Beautiful". On top of having great skin and hair, her clothes do exactly what they are supposed to do for someone with such illustrious hair, rich skin, and slim frame: they make them shine

I tell folks all the time that one of the best rules of thumb when dressing is to make sure your clothes make your skin look good (It's commandment number four in the 10 Dress Sexy Commandments) . If you can accomplish this, when someone looks at you it, won't matter what your wearing because people will see that your skin, your most important garment of all, is well taken care of. From my observations, one can't go wrong with the following in mind: darker skin does well with bright/bold colors OR pale soft colors as peach, camel, coral, and ivory; fair skin stands out with intense rich colors such as navy, red, black and hot pink; and skin colors in between tend to look nice with rich earthy colors (olive, range, gold, and brown) and soft pastels (plum, mauve, lavender, and pale blue). Simone's looks whether she is in the office looking prim and proper at work or dinner, or long boarding in the city after work in those awesome Nike Dunks, all her looks compliment how healthy her hair and skin look. Just as suggested by Bradley Bayou in his book, The Science of Sexy, she reveals and conceals in all the right places with the right combos of colors and clothing lengths, which makes her looks so effervescent, in my fashion. Please take a look at Tettah's explanations and reasoning for her sartorial decisions here for it certainly aids in understanding why her style choices aid her overall look. 

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