Monday, May 27, 2013

Style Watch: Fashion is Theater

In my fashion, having style is about having a particular point of view of life, and knowing how to reflect that view when people look at you. These three videos that caught my attention this month were from women who definitely have something to say about who they are, and what they stand for. Each of these videos project a certain vibe, and certain look that is attainable, meaningful, and inspirational no matter what your background is. Here's some video's for you to watch and listen to on this Memorial Day Weekend, and take away some style hints. 

Janelle Monae became one of my favorite artists in 2008 when she came out with her single Many Moons from her album, Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase). I have heard her compared to a women-Andre 3000 (and we know how I feel about Three Stacks), and I can concur with that comparison.  Her quirky, tuxedo style has made her very recognizable these past years since she came out with 'Many Moons', especially as she adds 'Cover Girl' to her resume. I was very proud of her when I saw this video, Q.U.E.E.N., because in my fashion, this video is well suited for a wide audience for it's fun, simple, bouncy, and fresh. The video has an enormous amount of style, and is indicative of what type of girl she is with the 60's funk sound, monochromatic color scheme, and upbeat energy. She says, "Even if it makes other uncomfortable, I will love who I am." She just wants to be free to be, and all the dancing in the video is bound to set any viewer free because her energy is infectious. Erykah Badu, was a perfect touch for the video as she is one person who has stayed consistent to what she represents. 

This video has a bit more of an aggressive, hard vibe, but is so poetic, not just because of this artist's lyrics, but I was enchanted by the snake-like allure of this Miami Cuban's exotic sultriness as she raps. Her name is Kat Dahlia, and her sultriness is offset by the story she tells in her debut single, Gangsta. This song grabs me like a snake charmer hooks a snake to its tune. In my fashion, based off the experiences she raps about, she gives a new meaning to what we consider a "gangsta". I think she speaks for those girls who don't have the best influences in life, but she shows how even someone as pretty as she is surviving through it all. I love her sleek tops and bottoms, and heavy jewelry looking very Miami sexy, with her long shiny hair. Her skin tone seems to go with any color she wears, and she wears them boldly, just how they should be worn. According to Dahlia, this bombshell has learned some things in life, and she wants to share. 

I have always adored Selena Gomez! As old as I am, I would flip through the channels on TV, and I admit I use to stop on the Disney channel just because I would catch a glimpse of her play the spunky bohemian, Alex Russo, on Wizards of Waverly Place. In my fashion, while Selena was playing a character on the show, I felt that the 'edgy-girlie' style she rocked on the show was more than just role play. Selena's style was infectious to watch because her baby doll features are something we haven't seen for a while in entertainment. Now, with her transitioning from the show to her new role as an pop star, her girl-to-women transition is looking good in this video for her single, Come and Get It. Instead of disappearing and concocting potions on her Disney show, in the video she is majestic in a much more mature sense with her sheer, flowy dresses making her look much more spiritual and ethereal with the kaleidoscopic imagery of her Bollywood inspired dances. The eye contact she commands when she looks at us is most indicative of her transition, because as we all know the eye is the window to the soul, and in my fashion, her soul is saying she is coming of age so, "Come and get it!" Selena has been doing a good job communicating this to the world since the single's release as I have seen her on so many award show platforms. From her debut performance in April at the MTV Movie Awards, she has been promoting her song like a pop star should be, up to her most recent performance, May 19th, at the Billboard Awards. Her performances have provided her a smooth entrance into her new role, and  is perfect marketing for her, because she's been on Billboard Top 100 for the past six weeks (currently number seven)!

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