Saturday, June 1, 2013


Finally! Consistently WARM weather, at last! In my fashion, after this past Memorial Day, I would say summer has arrived. This past month, there were still days of which I felt it was still a little chilly for one to enjoy the outdoors, but if this past week was any indication, from here on out I think its safe to say that we will soon be lamenting the scorching waves of the sun, itching for cooler weather again to relieve us of suffering from visible sweat stains; but, I digress.

In my fashion, life is a play with no rehearsal. 
I for one will be one person who will make an effort not to complain about the pending hot weather, because in my fashion, I was thoroughly over having to wear more than one layer of clothing before I left the house. Now that summer is a coming, this is the time of year we can literally wake up, throw on a light shirt, some shorts, and your most striking shoes and look fabulous everyday. I personally love going outdoors, and winter makes it so hard for one to do so. I love the green from the trees that offset the beautiful baby blue sky, and pillowy clouds. I adore seeing people enjoying life, and expressing it through their clothes. People are much more bright and inventive with their clothes, and the feel of summer invites all sort of activities where we can play with fashion. 

Four different attitudes, One look: 1) Optimistic 2) Smooth 3) Menacing 4) Haughty 
Keeping with last month's theme, Fashion is Theater, we will continue to explore how to project that innate character that we are to play in life. In my fashion, as Janelle Monae said in her new single, Q.U.E.E.N., "Life is a play with no rehearsal." Today, with social media, we are all documenting our lives, and putting on a show for the internet community. Summer is the perfect time to get outside, take photos, and show off how one enjoys life through your clothes! My love, Dwight (@KenDutchess), always harps on my low social media interaction, and that I can do better to beef up my Instagram interactions and photos, so this month I am going to take his advise, and increase my presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Get ready to see more innovative outfits from myself, and voyeristically experience fashion through #IMFblog, a vision for the future of fashion! Anything that I can do to bring attention to the world of fashion, and change perspectives on what we classify as beauty is the my goal for my social media platforms, so this month I will be itching to hear more from my friends, family, and audience as I present fashion's most singular pieces, looks, historical facts, and sartorial experiences. Just like Vogue's International Editor-at-large, Hamish Bowels says in his series, 'Vintage Bowles', one must be most inventive in their strategy of how to find things, and the 'fashion hunt' is what #IMFblog is all about!

In my fashion, style determines the  character one plays in life. Playing your role well, starts with the look. 

As you know, from my previous Style Maven post, Diana Vreeland is the focus of the theme, Fashion is Theater. A few days ago, I introduced Ms. Vreeland, and all this month I intend on elaborating on her individual Met Gala exhibitions when she served as the Costume Institute's Special Consultant. I was actually shocked when I was doing my research on her to find that there is very little information on the internet regarding specifics about Vreeland's exhibitions, so hopefully the following Style Maven series this month, will educate one about the fantastic vision that Vreeland brought to fashion, and how she emphasized drama is fashion, for drama is entertainment and is what makes fashion most fun and intriguing for all of us.

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