Saturday, July 27, 2013

READing Your Style: How to be Devastating

Donatella Versace
Have you ever been in a store, searching for a look for an event, meeting or date, but you have no idea what you want to look like? I hate that feeling. That’s why I was thoroughly pleased to find Donatella Versace’s 5 Style Lessons on how to be devastating in InStyle’s March 2013 issue. Donatella Versace is the Vice President of the Versace Group, and head designer of the highly popular and sexy couture label, Versace. Just like Donatella, the Versace girl is fearless, dynamic, unmistakable, and unforgettable. In my fashion, these qualities would be qualities any women would want to have in this world, no matter what their personality type or penchant for tight fitting, skin revealing clothing. Next time you are in the store, and you just can’t seem to find a piece that jumps out at you and screams, “WEAR ME,” these lessons should help one to narrow down what items to buy to exude that confident effervescence we attempt to attain in all of our looks, no matter how haute we choose to look. Below you will see photos from the Fall 2013 Couture Show shown earlier this month, photos courtesy of New York Magazine.

1. Show a little skin: When the economy crashed in 2008, everyone tried to make safe clothes with familiar silhouettes in classic colors, but that approach doesn't really pay off. Women deserve distinction and originality, and there are fresher ways to look womanly than exposing a lot of cleavage. I find clothes that feature transparency alluring, like my silk satin dress with a gold-net hemline that hints at the body underneath. 

2. Rely on what feels special: Looking safe is never chic. It's ordinary. Instead, you owe it to yourself to discover what allows you to be yourself, whether it's indulging in a leather bag that speaks to you, or playing up - rather than hiding - what others deem a flaw. Done skillfully and with a positive attitude, highlighting the very thing that sets you apart from others is what will make you striking and unique. 

3. Find silhouettes that celebrate your body: I have never met a woman, no matter how beautiful, who isn't insecure about her body, so my designs are body conscious in ways that complement female curves. What matters first is to use fabrics and proportions that make a woman feel secure and noticed. I love lightweight wool crepe, shiny jersey, and satin, all of which let you cut clothes close to the body without clinging. Jersey is so forgiving - and it's the easiest material to wear. 

4. Accentuate your waist. Seriously! I like to show it off because it's the key to defining your shape. Make the shoulders wider and your waist appears narrower. Raise the mid-line a little and your hips look longer. Revealing instead of hiding your waist will always work to your advantage. 

5. Embrace your age: I am not an ageist. And at least from the back, most women look alike. But from the front, you must accept reality. Sophistication is maturity's most appealing accessory. You can stick to miniskirts if you adore them, but add tights or stockings. On the one hand, it's fun to throw it all together and be adventurous when you're young, but in the other hand, youth would look a lot better with a touch more glamour and less flash. 

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