Saturday, September 28, 2013

READing Your Style: Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible (Part 3)

I have had much delight this month as January in September continues in the World of Fashion. I swear to you I have been re-birthed by the Spring/Summer 2014 collections (check out my Instagram for my reviews on select collections). On top of my own “New Look” for fall, I have been imagining what others “New Looks” were going to look like with the weather becoming increasingly cooler. Thinking back to when in 1947, Christian Dior introduced the “New Look” for women, which was back then much more progressive then what had come before it, the look of the girls then says something comparatively different about how women saw themselves to how they see themselves now. These last few months, I have had a lot of time to marinate over the information one finds in Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible. In my fashion, he offered much on the history of fashion from not just a historically accurate standpoint, but I was most amused by his personal point of view on some of the reasons for our current disdain, or favor over certain articles of clothes today in society. 

What I chose to do in offering some insightful knowledge is pick out some passages from each chapter of the book which, in my fashion, indicate some interesting paradoxes as to how we choose to look in this day and age. In his book, Tim Gunn takes the liberty of going over a brief synopsis of the timeline in which certain articles of clothing went from being more masculine to more feminine; from functional, to popular, and then decidedly outmoded; and how a lot of pieces of clothing have evolved to fit the needs of daily life more conveniently for the wearer. The photos I use at the background for these passages are a reflection on the Vogue editorials from earlier this year from the January issue to this October’s issue. What do you think clothes are saying about women in 2013? As I continue this series throughout the rest of the year, take a moment to think about what Tim Gunn has to say, for with each passing season the clothes we wear define the look of the year, and as is the belief here on #IMFblog, to know your future, one must understand the past. When one understands what has happened in the past, one can better steer their future, and I truly believe that some of Tim Gunn’s wisdom can help one enhance their sense of style, and help to steer the direction of fashion.


Vogue, February 2013, "The American Way" shot by Peter Lindbergh


Vogue, February 2013, "Magic Kingdom" shot by Norman Jean Roy

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