Saturday, October 19, 2013

à la mode: Depth of Field

In my fashion, summer is, of course, about exposing skin, but winter is about encasing it. Clothes are literally a second skin because it's just so darn cold outside. I tend to find myself colder than most people no matter where I go, but I think we can all agree that if the fabric one is wearing makes one's skin feel like it can brave the changing temperatures one will have to endure throughout the daygoing from inside heat, to the outside winds, and back inside again to heatthen that makes me feel more fashion forward, then if my clothes garner attention because of my color combinations, or the patterns I put together. Personally, winter is the season of the introvert. While summer is about getting out of the house, into the sun, and gives one the excuse to show off as much skin as possible, winter is about being comfortable where one is, and finding warmth inside, which gives one the opportunity to be more solitary and intimate. On top of having more chances to be alone and think rather than be out, showing off one's fun side, winter makes us more considerate of what we put on our backs. While in the summer its easy to pick out a colorful t-shirt, shorts, and some sandals, and be sexy as you run out the house, the cold makes us dawn a jacket, pants, socks, a sweater, thermal wear, and other layers that allow us to brave the weather. I love using my brains to find innovative ways to stack the different pieces I have in my closet on my person in a way that keeps me warm, but also shows off my ability to cleverly match pieces based on their varied colors, fabrics, and textures. 

In my fashion, Vogue's October 2013 issue presented a fantastic spread to illustrate my sentiments expressed above. In Tonne Goodman's "Depth of Field" spread, the combinations of this seasons textured pieces was absolutely luscious! The Chanel black tweed jacket (Look 1), the Fendi leather fringe skirt (Look 2), the mastery of layering in Look 3, that Alexander Wang wool shrug (Look 4), the deconstructed wool top from Lanvin in Look 5, the ostrich skirt from Proenza Schouler (Look 6), that sumptuous Carolina Herrera tweed suit (Look 7), and the wool coat from Marni (Look 8) are absolute must haves. Imagine being inside or out in any of these looks. Can you say #horriblyCOMFORTABLE! In my fashion, during winter, the way to look sexy, is to feel lush!

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