Friday, November 1, 2013

EDITOR'S LETTER: November 2013

Do you believe in Astrology?

Based on my last Serious Style post, "Too Fat, Too Thin - Will We Ever Be Content", I was inspired to learn more about Astrology, and what we can gather about ourselves from the meanings of our astrological signs. From my research so far, what I have found about the subject of Astrology is that it is an ancient belief system that spans farther than the simple Horoscopes we entertain ourselves with from newspapers and magazines. British astrophysicist, Dr. Percy Seymour, has postulated that planetary influence operates through a form of magnetism which humans are sensitive, and that the nervous systems of humans and animals act as aerials to detect the vibrations of the Earth's fields. Plainly put, when one looks into ancient mythology, based on the certain characteristics of the planets observed by ancient astronomers 5000 years ago beginning in Mesopotamia, the planets actually influence our personalities and how we operate on Earth. For example, Jupiter is associated with leadership, success, and optimism. Mercury influences intellect, communication, and the winds. Mars is associated with aggression, wars, and anger. Venus deals with matters of love and romance. Pluto is associated with the underworld, death, and endings. Saturn rules our sense of duty and responsibility. Uranus is believed to be a planet of surprise, while Neptune is believed  to be a planet that deals in disillusionment. 

Do you find your Sun Sign to be an accurate description of yourself?

Based on Dr. Seymour's belief in planetary magnetism and influence, it is thought that the planets have ways of governing how we act on Earth, and their influence can be attributed to the individual growth, success, and failures of people, animals, buildings, and even entire countries. How this relates to style intrigued me because astrology suggests that our personalities are the result of when, where, and what time we were born, and where in the solar system the planets were positioned in space at that time. Astrology also suggests that we can pretty much map out the likely events to come in our lives based on that information, which in my fashion, is quite mind boggling, considering this is a science that has been highly regarded in the past and used quite successfully by our ancestors, but not so much anymore in our modern society. I find it fascinating that when I read profiles of my Sun Sign, Pisces, I discover that it describes me quite accurately in most occasions, and I sometimes learn things about myself that I would probably learn and understand about myself much later in life. I find that understanding our Sun Signs may unlock the answers to how we can better deal with our lives. So this month, I plan on elaborating on this subject so we can come to a clearer understanding of how an emphasis in astrological beliefs may help to enhance our style, and the ways of living for ourselves. 

Do you believe that the stars may define who we are?

I find the story of how the The Three Wise Men found Jesus fascinating, because they are said to have been astronomers who understood a prediction of the birth of a new king by working out the time and place of the birth of this king from their astrological observations. They discovered that through a rare association of planets in the solar system, there would be a child of Jewish origin who would be born and grow up to become King of the Jews, which turned out to be Jesus of Nazareth. Considering we are approaching Christmas, and the Holiday Season, I found this topic most appropriate to delve into as, in my fashion, there might be something to be said about Astrology being a viable way of understanding our own purposes in life more clearly. Astrology offers insight and help with problems in our personal lives, hence horoscopes, but astrologers use Natal Charts which a more detailed and specific explanation of the individual in question. I plan on elaborating how The Stars Define Us, and how Astrology can be an x-ray into a person's nature in these coming months. Let the Holiday Season begin!

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