Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Style Watch: Inside Chanel (Part 2)

When we wake up, we all have our morning routine that helps us to fully wake up and be ready for the day ahead. Some of us meditate,  or take a relaxing shower. Some of us listen to music that jump start our internal verve. As of late, what I have found to be my roosters wake up call is the short videos of Gabrielle Chanel's life and career that the House of Chanel has posted on it's YouTube channel over the last year and a half. Since the first video posted on October 5, 2012, there are now ten chapters to the series entitled, "Inside Chanel". In my fashion, for anyone interested in fashion history, and understanding the root of style, listening to these videos as I wake up instills a certain fire inside of myself to live life radiantly and continue my sartorial journey in life, as Coco Chanel did once upon a time. 

In my fashion, if one can capture any semblance of Chanel within one's personal style, one will always be in fashion. In my research of The Secrets of Stylists, one cannot deny the legacy of style that Chanel has brought to the world. If you can recall one of IMF.blog's most popular Style Maven posts on Coco Chanel, as the ultimate stylist, she instilled a most true meaning of style that is felt among anyone who seeks to obtain it. I adore the videos because in demystifying the mystery behind Chanel, one gains a grander sense of how to cultivate ones style, for even if you do not own a Chanel blazer, cardigan, or bag, the simple principals of style and elegance that Gabrielle Chanel propose are universal in their application. 

As I continually chant on IMFblog, one must understand the past to build on one's future, and these videos are a perfect way of looking into the past to understand the history of Chanel. If you are going to own a Chanel blazer (as I intend to in the future), there is much more semblance in wearing the jacket when one understands and appreciates the prestige and history in wearing such a garment. When wearing a Chanel piece, the values of style so exclaimed by Gabrielle herself are reflective of the the wearer. She succeeded at impressing her style upon the world. I paid close attention to where she got her influences from and what changes in life shaped her sentiment toward life and style. Understanding the origins of her ideas is what translates through a Chanel piece, and makes the piece more than a frock, and the same is true of one's own style. Figuring out the things in your own life that bring the most meaning to what you have learned about in life is what makes your style recognizable and strong. 

In my fashion, the word "Chanel" is the embodiment of what a women wants to feel like as an individual: empowered, beautiful and timeless, in a simple, easy way. Gabrielle translated those qualities into clothes that is the fashion essential of a women in society. Hopefully that is what you draw to see from some of my favorite short videos I listen to in replay in the mornings. I adore the construction of the videos and the visuals for they too are very indicative of Chanel style. In terms of The Secrets of Stylists, this is a good beginning towards understanding how to approach your style and sartorial choices. If only I understood French so I could understand what Karl Lagerfeld is saying in his interviews in chapter 8 and 9, but perhaps that will be another undertaking I will intend to accomplish in the future. 

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