Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Style Watch: The Secret of Stylists

If you are familiar with my Style Watch posts from when I began #IMFblog at the beginning of 2012, I would post music videos as my suggestions for style inspiration. For a while now my Style Watch post have been fashion interviews and documentary-like videos, but I still think one can get a lot of style cues from music videos for, in my fashion, music videos help to complete the message the artist is trying exploit. They help to leave a lasting impression of the message being expressed. To me a song can be made or broken from a music video (aside: unless the song is one of true talent and genuine expression, then of course, a song can stand alone). If you are not particularly captivated just by hearing the song, seeing a video for the song helps one to understand the perspective of the artist and bring a new level of appreciation for their artistic expression. The same can be said of a good song, that has a bad video, which in turn leaves a unsettling feeling of inconsistency between the two that unconsciously puts us off to accepting and appreciating the message of the art. The songs below accomplished the former for myself. I think the visual and audible cohesion envelop the viewer into their world of thinking. From being in an artists mind for four minutes through visual interpretation, there are many style cues one can pick up on and translate for oneself. For me the energy in these videos are so sensual and seductive, but in two different ways, both of which makes one feel sexy from watching it. What do you think?

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