Sunday, August 4, 2013

EDITOR'S LETTER: August 2013

Think about why two women can wear the
same dress and rock them differently? Look
at their poise, grace, and posture!
I am a firm believer in the idea that, to understand where one is going in life, one must have an understanding of one's past. What is it in our past that made us into what we are in the present? In my fashion, it would only make sense that a certain understanding of fashion history is what makes the difference between a "clothing-horse" and a fashion advocate with a real sense of personal style. If I am wrong, if anything, one can certainly tell that an understanding and knowledge of fashion history, in some way, subliminally enhances ones style. Style is all about poise, grace, and posture, and when one finds a piece of fashion history that really speaks to us on deeper level, it is reflected in our poise, grace, and posture, because that bit of knowledge that resonates within us gives us the confidence to be who we want to be.

In my fashion, one’s understanding of fashion's past helps to enhance the appeal and authenticity of ones style because I believe when it comes to fashion and having style, every visible detail means something and says something about how we live our lives. Every detail from the yellow hair tie a girl pulls her hair up with, to even one's hand movements tell a story of where we have been in our lives. I was always fascinated with the Sherlock Holmes stories when I was younger because of his deductive reasoning. He could deduce what happened at a crime scene by paying attention to details and connecting those details in a way that reveals the truth. In this exaggerated example of our deductive abilities as humans, in my fashion, examining other people's fashions works the same. 

Style is all in the detail. 
This month lets think of Sherlock Holmes as we motion to gather more knowledge of fashion by examining Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible. Sherlock Holmes was able to make such intricate conclusions and come to understandings that no one else could fathom because he had a vast storage of knowledge of how the world works, and what has happened in the past. Tim Gunn's book helps us to become Sherlock Holmes of fashion. Understanding the original meaning of clothing items helps us to compare what the garment was intended for, as opposed to why an individual is wearing it today in our time. Looking at other's clothes we can deduce a person’s personality, interests, and viewpoints on life. In my fashion, the less that we are able to express our personality through our clothes the weaker our style, and as Diana Vreeland says, "Without style you are nobody!" As I have observed, people tend to respect other people with style! It’s important to express ourselves through our clothes for visuals constitutes 55% of communication between people, and you should know how to express the best of yourself through your sartorial journey and maturity through life. 

Of course this month we are going to keep with the best of fashion, which is The Secret World of Couture. In my fashion, the special idea behind a couture piece is that it has the ability to plainly communicate the extraordinary qualities of an individual and is indicative of one's amount of imagination and free will. One has to have quite a free mentally to express ones imagination through their clothing. As I heard artist and socialite, Daphne Guinness says, what’s interesting about fashion is the idea that we can transform ourselves because we are human beings and we can. Haute couture is much more than just finding the most elaborate and extravagant dress from the couture collections. It’s about finding the right fit to a dress made for none other than yourself and for your personality. Couture is an emphasis, and appreciation, for detail; style is an emphasis on point of view, so when you put them together, one creates a look that is alluringly unique. As is the theme of these two months, Unique Is Chic, fashion allows for the celebration of our uniqueness. In my fashion, thank God we are not all the same - how boring would that be?