Wednesday, May 30, 2012

READing Your Style: Dream State

Vogue, June 2012
Vogue has an awesome article in its June issue that addresses eating smart to sleep better instead of using sleeping pills, for a correlational study published in the BMJ Open Journal found that people who take as few as eighteen prescription sleeping pills a year are 3.5 times more likely to die than non-users. Although, correlational studies do not prove causality, in my fashion, using drugs and medications makes me wary (especially when I think about the commercials on television that advise attorney options for users of recalled drugs). Besides, according to the author of the article and her findings, Jancee Dunn, found that people who took popular prescription sleeping pills fell asleep a mere 12 minutes faster than those who took a placebo, and slept for a grand total of eleven minutes longer. I like to think that if we as humans were getting on fine in ancient civilizations without advanced medicine and technology, how would we survive, which is why I put so much reverence in alternative medicines and solutions.  If you are the type that has trouble going to sleep at night, maybe considering these daily dietary needs will aid you in reducing your sleep deprivation. Sleep is paramount to healthy body function, and if you aren’t getting the right type of sleep you need, simply put, I fear for your look.

I’ve taken the liberty of condensing the article into a nice and easy chart for you to review and take away what information you find most valuable. I find that a lot of what is prescribed in this article is a quite simply a diet for general healthy eating, so follow these guidelines if you are looking to follow a healthier lifestyle.

Dunn reported that she kept to the following diet for 2 weeks and said that she had realized she sank into sleep more quickly and woke up with more energy: Breakfast, an egg-white omelet with berries and whole grain toast; Lunch, salad with grilled chicken and fruit; Dinner, a lighter grain such as faro, vegetables, and tofu or a small piece of fish. In my fashion, this is an excellent basic daily diet for not just going to sleep easier, but staying healthy in general. All one has to do is adjust your portions to how much you feel your body needs (not wants) and over time, hopefully, you will feel some differences in your body function. If one gets tired of the same routine, you can switch up between similar foods, and that to me is what helps to open your mind to new ways of keeping healthy and exploring life. Finding your own formula to life should be the goal.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Style Watch: Rita Ora

Lately, everyone has been wanting to "Party and Bullshit," mostly because of this new age Goldilocks, Rita Ora. In our modern world of endless fakery and perpetration, Ms. Ora is a fine representation of true style, providing variety yet remaining faithful to her true essence. Rita Ora has been a part of the Jay-Z Roc Nation family since 2009 and will be releasing her debut album later this year. Being another hot tottie off the UK-trial of entertainers making their way over to the US as of late, this Kosovar Albanian beauty is another diverse piece addition to the melting pot of talent in the entertainment industry. In my fashion, diversity is the key to our future, and this interesting find is fit to bring a new style and flare to what we Americans consider

Put off by her looks, we are first drawn to think of a certain familiar (often scantily clad) entertainer of Roc Nation who I have featured before on previously, Rihanna. You might think that on the mind of Jay-Z is another "Rihanna-like ploy" for fortune, but taking a glance at these few videos confirmed that, in my fashion, she has got a lot of natural and original talent (and looks). When you really take the time to dissect the differences between the two (which isn't very hard after a few verses) its actually kinda hard to pan her as a good OR bad girl, compared to Rihanna's obvious rebellion. The free-spirited Rita Ora, who is three years Rihanna's senior, can be seen on Twitter (@ritaora) passing tweets back and forth in a close, sisterly like way, which is more appealing than seeing rivalry-like schawbles, which I am sure the gossipy-media will try to portray.

From the looks of these videos, in my fashion, Rita Ora is prime for the American circuit. On top of her songs, "Hot Right Now" (released in February) and "R.I.P." (released on May 6) having become a #1 hit on the UK Billboard charts this year already, her look is quite funky and pretty, which is the appeal these days in pop culture.  Not only are her clothing looks on trend, but her avid use of red lip stick, along with her curly blond locks that illuminate her fair skin, combined with a facial structure that suggests ethno-american resemblance, her popularity will be up enough in time for the coming school year when high school gals will need outfit ideas for the fall (aside: take a look at the feathered dress she sports, for it connects in ALL the right places), especially considering this summer, she will be opening stadium concerts for Coldplay all this summer. Her style reminds me of a cute trashy girl from the 90's, and she moves perfectly to the feel of her music, and there are no disconnects in regards to her image and the vibe of her sound. I enjoy viewing the charisma and candor she emotes in these performances, which is precisely why I can say with high confidence, that her swagger and allure shall prove distinct from her veteran peer, Ri-ri, and will add another bit of style inspiration for all of us to adore and feed off of.

To read more about her, click here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

à la mode: Bring on the Night

Now that the social season is finally mounting with the coming of Memorial Day and more consistently hotter days, it’s time to bring our summery sartorial ideas into fruition. The June 2012 issue of Allure is an issue I deeply recommend all women to take a look see at, for the advice given on skin, hair and summer beauty is a good reminder of how to transition from our wintery priorities of trying to harbor moisture and layering up, to letting loose while still attending to essential needs.

Aside, from the beauty reports, Fashion Editor, Paul Cavaco shows fantastic end-results to Allure's "not-too-formal evening formula" (long dresses, loose trousers, a shiny clutch, and a chunk of jewelry). This summer, as I mentioned before, is all about bold off-beat colors and florals, mixed with the carefree vibe similar to the spirit of the 90's. The spread, Bring on the Night, shot by Terry Tsiolis, got me thinking differently about how women should approach their night-on-the-town garb. [Photo Credits: source]

I would love to see women these days daring to make longer skirts and dresses, ULTRA sexy. Even though more material would have you thinking less sex appeal, I think more fabric brings on the opportunity to peek-a-boo your "best assets" instead of making it so easy for ogling-one-track-minded males to paint you naked in their heads. Men like to be challenged (at least those who think further than the length of their member below the belt), so I say test them to look at you in a different, more intellectually challenging way by showing him your sexy in ways that "spell" out sexy, rather than flat out give him the answer on a silver platter. Make use of the Cavaco formula to weed out the perverts and challenge men to look past only your womanly assets as to find the smart men who will appreciate your beauty for all its worth. This is an opportunity to wear light fabrics that move with you and for you as you stride down the street, or move past enviable eyes at a party. It’s an opportunity to look regal, yet bold as you saunter past other gals with their hemlines well above the tips of their fingers and their cleavage practically wrestling to escape captivity. In my fashion, these long, slinky looks shown in Allure work perfectly for prom, or for a normal night out.

I personally would like women to experiment with personalizing dresses and maybe cutting a long dress to match the cut of the champagne Givenchy sequined dress below, or hide the breast behind blouses that expose cleavage in more subtle and clever ways such as the magenta Salvatore Ferragamo halter top shown above, or the top of the white Gucci Georgette dress with the elegant strips of fabric that would flow as you walk, or stand in the wind. Have a large faux fur like the Ralph Lauren ostrich feathered bolero shown above? With some colorful daisy duke-like shorts, and a simple tank, throw that on top of you on a chillier summer night for an opulent look that serves both purposes of being warm and shockingly avant guard. As far as dressing up a long simple dress such as the white silk DKNY dress in the above first photo, if you have a long rope, piece of leather, or long skinny piece of colorful fabric don't be afraid to wrap it around yourself in the same fashion that the model, Carmen Kass, is strategically bound in. And don't be afraid of trousers either, for loose, breathable trousers like the deep purple Salvatore Ferragamo pants above, allow for air to circulate in the region below the equator. Lastly, if you have a dress similar to the languid Calvin Klien dress below, I say cutting the arm holes considerably longer would offer a peek-a-boo of a colorful and contrasting colored bra, which would serve as daring and interesting eye candy for the observant on-looker.

I feel in this season of bubble gum fun and the surge in techno dance music, mixed with that tinge of relaxed optimism, our clothes should be relaxed yet bold and daring so that in the easiness of our frocks we can do a multitude of summer activities knowing that eyes are turning without you needing to do so much as to simply be happy in the moment. In my fashion, I say make your cloths work for you this summer!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bit-O-Inspiro 4

In my fashion, it's is never too late to further develop your own unique style.

READing Your Style: Ask E. Jean

ELLE, April 2012
Reading over the advice section,"Ask E. Jean", in the April 2012 issue of ELLE magazine, I came across some fantastic tips on, in Ms. Carrols's words, "Fighting the Sugar Hussy." The inquirer, Miss Addiction, wrote to the ELLE advice guru, Elizabeth Jean Carrol, about those 10 pounds she losses and gains over and over again on her quest to maintain her weight, but the problem lies in her addiction to sugar, considering its convenience in relation to her work schedule. Elizabeth Jean saucily advises:

MY DEAR MISS ADDICTION: Sugar is a woman. She's a witch. A siren. A mother. A genius. A baby.
A devil. A bitch. Sugar is Anna Karnina, Lisbeth Salander, and Emma Woodhouse rolled in one. If I knew
how to get her out of your life-for good, without the gimmicks-I'd be writing to you from the set of my
$3million infomercial. I can however, give you the eight weird tactics that work for me 83 percent of the
time. (The other 17 percent I just give in and let Sugar have her agonizingly delicious way with me.)

1. Know the catastrophe you're facing, and annihilate Sugar's temptations. Clear her out your kitchen, bedroom, office, car, handbag, life. If you can't stop yourself from buying her on the street, permit yourself only enough cash to get back and forth to work, then out your credit cards in a plastic bag, fill a coffee can with water, put the cards in the can and the can in the fridge and freeze 'em.

2. Prepare for battle. About once every 20 minutes, Sugar tarts up and propositions Willpower, and pretty soon Willpower gets tired of saying no, no, no, and starts saying yes, yes, yes-and that's when you begin regaining the weight. A ton of research (see John Tierney's laudable January 5, 2012, New York Times piece, "Be It Resolved") shows that the "more you starve your body, the less glucose there will be in your blood-stream, and that means less willpower." When your job "saps your energy," gird your loins with a steady stream of pineapple chucks, cherries, raspberries, orange sections, etc.

3. Don't eat anything with a soul. The smartly dressed ELLE fact-checkers are about to suffer group apoplexy-I adore them, but to hell with it! I can't prove it, but 40 years of observation have led me to conclude (A) vegetarians are slimmer (and totally cooler) than meat eaters; and (B) when I quit eating dead cows and slaughtered chickens, Miss Sugar's powers sank by about 35 percent. (From the fact-checkers: "There is no laudable science on this, but since you're claiming it 'works for you,' we'll let you say that.")

4. Get a friend to yell at you. The best coaches are the ones who threaten to release the Kraken on you.

5. If you are about to cave, imagine an enemy not caving. You'll regain your self-control.

6. Scales are stupid. Stay off the bastards! People like you and me who are obsessed with numbers can't have them in the house.

7. Quaff thy wine; not guzzleth. "Wine gives strength to weary men." - Homer

8. Chop your goal to pieces. Look at the stats: You're enthralled by the number 10 right? So this time around do not weigh yourself. Judge by your looks, the fit of your clothes, your mood. This will break Sugar's clutches. It's tough, but you can do it! Good Luck!

In my fashion this article spoke to me on more levels than just sugar, but its more about creating a plan to ready your mind for a new way of thinking. If you want to change your life for the better, you must train your mind (and your habits) to think in a manner that aligns with those goals, and eliminate those certain cues that keep you going down the same self-destructive path you were on. Its about building up your willpower (willpower being an integral piece of attractiveness and style)! In my fashion, weird tactics work the just depends on your level of commitment to you style and how you want to look your best! When you create weird tactics that are uniquely designed for your thinking, you are one step closer to creating you own style solidarity.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Style Watch: Mary Mary

This is a special weekend post for this marvelous Sunday that I wanted to throw out there to lift your spirits for the day! Erica and Tina Campbell of the gospel duo, Mary Mary, are fine examples of Living for Your Style (living exclusively for the Lord), and have staked their claim on the gospel market once again. May 8, 2012 marked the release of their seventh album, Go Get It, a compilation of songs from past albums, with a few new songs, including the video I am showing here on, also named "Go Get it". Now, even though its already well known that these two posses voices that have obviously been touched by that divine power, this video is supplemented by stunning visual examples of gorgeous, God-fearing, "generously proportioned", black women, and how to exude an aura of confidence, pride, and utter fabulousness. If the sheer simple, yet strong, message of the song itself doesn't pull you out your seat and light a match in your heart, hopefully their beautiful visual interpretation of the song helps to register that go-getter attitude they are perpetuating.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Styel Watch: Kat Graham

In her young age, the multi-cultural slice of pretty that is in the video below sure has "gotten around", but not in the conventionally percieved sense of the phrase. While we were in grade school dealing with the more frivilous activities of adolescence, "trying" to be grown, Katerina Graham (a.k.a. Kat Graham) was already mapping out her career by becoming a Movie Surfer for the Disney Channel, one forth of the exotic "Fantana-girls" in Coca-Cola's Fanta campaign (playing Capri, the Strawberry flavored Fantana), and can be seen video hopping having been a back-up dancer in a plethera of different artist's music videos ranging from Lil Bow Wow during his hayday, to Akon, Justin Beiber, Christina Milian, Pharell, Usher, and Nelly, just to name a few. She has a well built resume in acting as well, having appeared first in commercials at the age of six making her way into popular sitcoms such as Hannah Montana, The OC, Grounded for Life and Malcolm in the Middle. She recently has played the role of Bonnie Bennett in the CW's, Vampire Diaries, and has appeared in the movies, Honey 2, 17 Again, The Roommate, and is slated to appear in the upcoming movie, Boogie Town. Given this artists background, I would be most confident to back up this beauty's future in the entertainment industry. This video entitled "Put Your Grafitti on Me," is an awesome addition to our Summer 2012 playlist in regards to its 90's bubble-gum pop vibe, but in my fashion, the edgy dance moves and her exotic look take it to another level of inspiration (especially with those cow bells!) I'm excited to see where, in entertainment, this hot tottie is going to go after this... 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bit-O-Inspiro 3

View post Style Maven: Coco Chanel for more on her style philosophies

READing Your Style: Dreams By Design by Valerie Burton

EBONY Magazine, May 2012

Reading the May 2012 issue of Ebony magazine, which was focused on sustaining a healthy body and a happy life, I came across a feature story by Valerie Burton, a successful and popular life-coach. Her two page spread in the magazine was chalked full of helpful advice to help readers set themselves in the right direction towards leading a more fulfilled life in our own skin. I thought this bit of advice below would be helpful for it sheds light on discovering what you really want in life, why we want those things, and how we can get them. I found that a lot of what I champion here on is in sync with her advice, for these were some perspectives I use to help develop my own style and discover where I want my life to go. In my fashion, how can one live for their style if they don't know what their style is, and what really brings them joy in this life? 

Six Clues to Discovering What You (Really) Want:

1)Twenty years from now, what will you regret not doing? You are more likely to regret the stuff you didn't do than the stuff you did. So take a bold step and go for it, whatever "it" is for you.

2)Give "someday" a deadline. Make a list of everything you said you'd do. Take out your calendar and decided when it's going to happen. Make it specific so you can be clear about what action steps you'll need to take.

3)What makes you feel a tad jealous? Emotions are teachers. You're envious of people who have things you want for yourself. For instance, if hearing that a co-worker went back to school, earned a degree and just got a promotion makes you feel a tinge of jealousy, that's a clue that maybe getting a degree should be on your dream list.

4)You are the same spirit you were as a child. Close your eyes and remember what got you excited when you were younger. Make a list and look for any themes; they might remind you of some forgotten pleasures. 

5)What caused you pain? Purpose and passion are often born out of pain. Use past challenges to discover opportunities to live out your life's purpose.

6)What brings you joy? Joy comes in the simple things, such as time with loved ones, engaging in a hobby or exploring your world. Small joys that are experienced daily can increase your happiness-starting today.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Style Maven: Coco Chanel

Here are some excerpts from the book, "In My Fashion" by Bettina Ballard, an early fashion editor of Vogue from the magazine's younger years in the 1930's to the postwar era,  her title of which I pay homage to, and got my inspiration for my own blogger title here on

“An impertinent chic; one foot forward,
hips forward, shoulders down, one hand
in a pocket and the other gesticulating.”
"Her advice is nearly always good. On food, she says, 'Eat simple food, not too much of it, at regular hours." Meals are something you share only with intimate friends who are good for your digestion.

"On exercise she advises, 'walk in the open air on country roads with your head looking always forward—don’t watch the Earth as if you were glued to it.' Her walk remains young and springy."

"Her advice on clothes is 'Always dress to make yourself feel young—this means being free and easy and unpretentious in you cloths. You have to breathe and move and sit without being conscious of what you have on. Don't expose a lot of flesh unless it is firm and young.'"

"About perfume she says, 'Spray it on wherever you expect to be kissed—any women who goes to excess in perfuming herself has no future because she will only offend her friends and admirers.'"

"As to the couture, she told me before the war, 'you make money on the customer who orders lots of cloths at once. The one-dress customer just takes up time and wastes money.'" (Aside: I presume his would be a good representation of her business strategy at the time)

READing Your Style: Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams surely has come a long way from his early producing days with The Neptunes and his music with N.E.R.D. According to this feature interview conducted by Ask Men, on top of owning the record label, Star Trak, which boast such artists as Clipse, Robin Thinke and Teyana Taylor, he also owns two luxury clothing lines (Billionaire Boys Club/ IceCream) and and has many other ventures that make him quite a dynamic business man. I wanted to share this interview for we all are aware of Pharell's singular style and bravado helping to bring skater-chic to hip-hop, and in my fashion, I can concur with his tips and philosophies. Another fine example of Living for Your Style, read what he has to say here

Pharrell Williams Interview On How To Look Fly

Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring 2012 Costume Institute Exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Benifit: "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations" Exhibition Opening

Yesturday was the opening day of the in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s spring Costume Institute exhibition, “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations." Below you can see photos from the exhibit, which was constructed by curators, Harold Koda and Andrew Boltonand read the following article from Media Bistro to understand the concept behind the presentation and get a taste of what visuals the exhibit has to offer. Watch video footage of the presentation, for in my fashion, to understand where fashion is going, you must have an intimate knowledge of fashion's past.


Video footage can be seen here at New York Magazine

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring 2012 Costume Institute Exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Benifit: "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations"

If you were not aware, on Monday, May 7, 2012, the annual Costume Institute Gala Benefit occured hosted by Gala chairs Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue magazine, actress Carey Mulligan and designer Muccia Prada. The annual gala opened the Costume Institute's new exhibition "Schizparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations"  which will be shown from May 10 through August 19, 2012 and explores the similarities and differences between the two influential designers and their contributions to the fashion world. Take a gander below at the photos from the Gala, courtesy of Vogue. For more coverage on the event you can view here

Click through for more photos...

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Bit-O-Inspiro 2

Check out my Letter from the Editor: May 2012 to find out about my "Bit-o-Inspiro" Posts

Style Watch: Ayọ

We have been seeing more and more foreign artists making their way over to the U.S. as of late, and the diversity of our entertainment industry continues to grow as far as what people are interested in seeing and hearing. The artist below, Ayo, is not particularly a "new" artist per se, but unbeknownst to me until yesterday did I stumble across seeing this culturally inspiring video. Ayo, who is a Nigerian-German singer-songwriter, falling into the folk-soul-reggae genres, has been quite successful overseas since 2001 where in 2006, her debut album, "Joyful", was certified double platinum in France, and gained other high certifications in Germany, Portland, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece. Her album then made it to the U.S. market in 2007, and since then has created two more albums, the last of which, "Billie-Eve",  was released in March of 2011. This video below, "I'm Gonna Dance" was released as her lead single from Billie-Eve.

When I first saw this video, Ayo dazzled me with her ethnic street look, and the energy continued to crescendo with lots of movement along with her funky sound, all-the-while her looks in different scenes became all the more dynamic, interesting, fresh, and edgy. This video, in my fashion, really spoke to me because she exudes an easy confidence, and natural aura that makes her song genuinely enjoyable to listen to and be captivated by because the video is filled with a spirit of youth and fun, as well as fantastic visuals posed by this Swedish songstress. It will be interesting to see how she continues to develop from here. I implore all to see more from Ayo, here.

READing Your Style: Vogue Health Initiative

British Vogue, June 2012
A Condé Nast International announced last Thursday, May 3, 2012,  that all nineteen international Vogue editions have made a pact to use healthy models in their magazines and is broken down into six agreed upon points. Jonathan Newhouse, Condé Nast  Chairman, was quoted, saying, "Vogue believes that good health is beautiful. Vogue editors around the world want the magazines to reflect their commitment to the health of the models who appear on the pages and the well-being of their readers [source] ." I will be coming back to the importance of this new development in coming weeks. Click through to read the six guidelines Condé Nast has outlined, or read the articles here at New York Magazine and British Vogue.  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Style Watch: Nicki Minaj and Rihanna

Here on, I am very excited about this summer! I've been very optimistic about what this summer has to bring in terms of clothing options, especially as the feel of the coming heat energizes me and makes me so ecstatic to contribute to a summer celebrating the fact that life is good! In this Style Watch I have to highlight not one, but two videos that have been released by two of the most undeniably hot and sought after artists of the year so far, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna.

Both of these videos adhere to the bright, summer, fun vibe I have been feeling in my bones as of late, where Nicki Minaj reminds us of carefree fun on the beach in titillating bathing suits and neon colored hair, and  Rihanna takes a more dark, and sultry aesthetic, using tribal inspired looks and hot island dance moves to spice up our lives. Both of the women's beauty in these videos give me goosebumps and make my hair stand on end because they provide so much inspiration, not just to look fantastically perfect this summer, but to simply enjoy life and live in the moment.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


And so, the process begins towards growing  a
healthy and lustrous Afro! 
If you can recall from my "April Letter from the Editor" I had mentioned that I was going to be revamping my style to accommodate some "edits" to my mindset and how I will approach situations that occur in my life. I have decided to follow suit with the Natural Hair Trend and grow a large 'fro. As you can see from my recent fashion coverage, the Fall/Winter 2012 runways confirmed natural hair to be a hot trend for this coming season. Is it because of our heightened realization that all natural is the way to go in our overly-industrialized society? Or is it because of the recent rise in celebrities dawning natural tresses (i.e. Viola Davis, Elle Varner, Julia Sarr-Jamois)? Or would it be accurate to assume that our society is moving into another Hippie movement in light of the "Occupy Movement" that has been organizing since 2011, as well as other large protests that have occurred as of late all over the nation for various reasons? For me, in light of my post this past April on "Editing our Style for Success", I am making a steadfast commitment to grow my hair in that it is representative of my strife to reach my highest potential in life. Anyone who understands African American hair care is aware that if you want to have healthy, illustrious hair, it takes a lot of effort and dedication. Have you ever seen a black woman become fumed with anger after getting her hair wet? I wanted to grow my hair because for me it symbolizes how in lieu of my personal follies, I wanted a tangible representation of how I plan to continually strive for positivity and growth in my life and stray away from self-destructive habits that keep me from my goals in life. I know exactly how I want my hair to look by the time I get it to the length I want, and I know the type of care and attention I am going to have to put into it to get it to that point. The type of care and effort I will putting into my hair, is comparable to the care and effort I will be putting into exuding good character to have great style.