Thursday, April 12, 2012

READing Your Style

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In my fashion, staying current is an important aspect of fashion and style. Think about business ventures: if you understand stategic management and brand positioning, when you set out to introduce your product to the public, the first step of assessing your success is to know what is going on in the market and stay current on the developments of your competitors, the desires of the consumer, and what's happening in your field as a whole. Now I ask that you apply this thinking to your style. To have great style, no matter if you agree with what the trends of the moment or not, you must be aware of what others are doing to distinguish yourself, that way you know what not to look like. Be yourself - everyone else is already taken! If you refer back to my April Letter to the Editor, this goes along the lines of "Editing Your Style for Success". It is essencial to be at least acutely aware of your surroundings and what is popular at the moment so that you can think of forward thinking ideas that position you ahead of the curve in regards to fashion, and according to your own personal development into who you really are. Remember, dressing different from everyone else and having a distinct style shows the world that "I feel comfortable being my own person and I will be strong to those who attempt to sway my thinking outside of who I am." This segment, "Reading Your Style" is dedicated to readings that I found enlightening for myself, and would hope they help you realize something that you needed to understand in your life. I am very eclectic and find inspiration everywhere, so I will point you to different articles I read from a variety of sources. These articles will also be found on my side bar, so check back often to see what new reads I find. 

Today's Read:
Vogue Italia "Natural Hair Trend"

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Today I implore you to view Vogue Italia's feature on the "Natural Hair Trend". We are finally coming to the realization that all natural is the way to go! If you were not aware, Vogue Italia has been doing a good job on the topic of diversity in fashion. Take Vogue Italia's  Black Issue that ran in 2008 . Recently they have been highlighting "Rapper Style", and were gaing attention last month with their March Cover with Puetro Rican model Joan Smalls on the cover. Vogue Italia has also added sections on their website that highlight "Vogue Black" which highlights fashions worn by black fashionistas, and "Vogue Curvy" catering to plus-size women. I appreciate Franca Sozzani's point of view for Vogue Italia! They have really stood for something important in fashion, and are bringing awareness to the fact that some pools of people could use a high fashion stand point as well. Jessica C. Andrews  responded to the trend in Ebony Magazine and has an interesting point of view on the direction of the "natural hair trend" and how long it will last though. What do you think?  

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