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In my fashion, I must say, last month was a good month for fashion on television.  Paris Fashion Week ended the show season, and started the month out right (especially on E! Channel's Fashion Police). "Rip the Runway" aired on BET, and the new designer competition show "Fashion Star" premiered with great success on NBC. One show that premiered, that I have already come to love is "Styled by June" on VH1, for I have already learned a lot about what it means to be a stylist in the entertainment industry and how important one's personal image is to their success. As a stylist you must understand confidence: how to get it, how to keep it, and more importantly, how to spread it. A stylist is a motivator. They motivate people to have confidence, and as a stylist, one must understand confidence-how to keep it, how to use it in hard times, and how to keep others around you positive and confident. My path to fashion began when I started taking photography classes in high school. As a photographer, I realized people weren't as confident as they would lead you to think, for when I take that photo, if the subject does not have enough confidence, you can pretty much read all of their insecurities (especially when someone waits on pins and needles to be shown their photo just in case they must have a re-do). As a stylist, I work to eliminate those feelings and make others feel the confidence to feel their best, even if you don't have the opposite sex (or the same sex, wink) drooling over you, 247. Being a stylist requires understanding human behavior, because if I can not get my subject to exude the confidence I need to emit from the photo, then I am at a loss! I need to understand how to bring out peoples alter personalities and forms to show the essence of an emotion to gain the maximum effect for my audience. 

This month some things have happened in my life that have made me want to re-focus and revamp my style. I have come to few realizations after having made some mistakes that I don't want to make again. Our mind can play nasty little tricks on our judgement, but that is why personal style is so important in our lives. Going back to my post Sartorial Philosophies, as I highlighted from Earl Nightingale and his research, "We become what we think about". This past month I have really been thinking about the progression of our lives and how most people in high places claim to have dreamed their success before it happened to them. They made it, of course, through making the right choices, meeting the right people, and being able to perform when called to do so. Oprah once observed that luck occurs when preparation meets opportunity. Then I thought if that is so, in order to "prepare" for said "opportunities" we have to have a predisposition to make ourselves "motivated" to "prepare" and become worthy of higher future opportunities. That, to me, means that even though we may not know exactly where we are going in our strife for success, we must be "thinking", "developing" and "refining" our knowledge of an aspect of life we find most interesting. If we find a subject to think about all day long and apply what we love to our understanding of the world and the people around us, then there is no where we can not go if we hold steady to what feels "most right" according to the values we hold in our hearts. Its about a feeling-about listening to life and navigating successfully around those potholes of life that hold us from realizing our most happy self.

I have found that to be sublimely happy means to be optimistic for the future, understanding of how to prevent negative behavioral patterns, and using knowledge to gain wisdom that keeps you in a mind state of perpetual betterment. It takes a sharp and discerning mind that works to negate negativity in the most effective manner. One must, if not expose themselves to situations that expose their own personal values, learn about many instances in life where problems arise and study how they are solved and what is the most effective method to do so. We are very advantageous in our day and age, because thankfully through all of the human history that has already been written, we have many examples of what we as people can do to handle situations better than before. In my fashion, now that there is such a plethora of life example to look to, I feel we are allowing ourselves to be influenced by too many sources, and that is where style comes in.

Style works by keeping us sane-keeping us in our own frame of mind that is most appropriate for dealing with the everyday follies of life. No matter what environmental factors try to inflict themselves upon us, nothing can take away our style-only if we let it slip away. In my fashion, there is always a way to inject a little bit of yourself in every situation. Finding the best ways to deal with situations while taking into consideration what our personality types are (see my post Another Year of Style), how our physical make up allows us to do certain things, our roles in life (i.e. man, women, sister, brother, chef, accountant, pastor, etc.), and where we are in our journey of life, then I am sure one will find there appropriate place in life, and attain that image of our best self.

This month we will take a look at how to keep ourselves driving in our own lanes, using our personal style and instincts to be our road map. We will look at how to steer clear of wrong and self-destructive choices, how to look out for the right paths to success based on where we are in our journey of life, and most importantly how to flush jealousy and hate from our systems. As the late Tupac said, "Jealousy is misery," and I think it is a pothole a lot of us get trapped in. In my fashion, feeling jealousy is just as good as driving in the opposite lane of traffic for no apparent reason.

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In my fashion, the words for this Spring/Summer 2012 season
 include: Florals, Sealife, Clueless (the movie), and Neon Colors 
This summer I feel we are headed towards, "Straight Nineties", but in 2012. Think the fashions from the movie Clueless, the "California Love", "Crazy, Sexy, Cool" feel for the summer. Lets pull out our baggy jeans, excessive florals, bright neon colors, and anything that reminds you of the beach, undersea life, and the laid back feel of staring out into the horizon of an endless ocean. Not only are runway looks seemingly straight from the nineties, but so is the 90's mentality. I feel we are tired of stressing! I feel this summer we are aiming to be calm, cool, collected and COLORFUL. Do we really want to take ourselves so seriously when there is so many other issues to take seriously in this world? Lets relax the atmosphere a bit, for stress does nothing good for our "look". Living in a stress free mindset reduces the chances of health complications, allows us to think about more positive endeavors, and keeps the hate away.

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