Friday, April 20, 2012

Serious Style

My mind moves a mile a minute trying to
find out, "What's next"
My new segment "Serious Style" will delve more into my more hardhitting sartorial philosophies. Normally, my mind is running a mile a minute thinking of eight different topics at once, trying to accomplish multiple tasks at once, and planning my next moves ahead four or five steps, but then there are times (out of no where most times) I catch myself staring into the distance, thinking about a single topic, that of which I continue to think further and further about trying to find an ultimate solution to my quanderings. Here in "Serious Style", I am going to catch these random passing thoughts, that I find quite pressing, in regards to how style makes for a strong individual and my thoughts on the direction of the fashion industry. While we would like to think that the fashion world is all colorful frocks, luscious fabrics, and an assortment of sparkly jewelry, the processes to make sure these things are available for eager customers is quite serious from a business standpoint. I would like to expose what I think about industry issues such as model's fair and legal treatment in the industry, issues concerning the increasing globalization of fashion and what that means for certain sectors as technology continues to develop, and what we can do to change negative perceptions and aspects of the fashion industry. I want to touch on social issues such as colorism, segregation and tolerance, and and how one can use fashion to make a social stand against a cause (i.e. Trayvon Martin supporters wearing hoodies). I'd also like to touch on what people have done in the past to stand up for social inadequacies using fashion. Fashion can be used as a powerful tool for change, so I want to explore how its been used in the past, and what we can do in the future to use fashion to bring us into more harmony with each other. The goal is to figure how we can preserve the essence and purposes of fashion and style so that future generations can be inspired by our legacies. Fashion is fun, but it's a tough business.

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