Monday, April 23, 2012

Style Watch: Jessie J

I heart the women that is Jessie J! She is such a visual delight every time she shows herself. Jessie J came from the UK to the USA in 2011 with a very hard, rebellious UK bad girl 'tude, clad in bright bodysuits, gemstone lipstick, outrageous and fanatical frocks, with her signature black bang and shoulder length haircut. I suppose she was really digging her pony tail from the Grammy Awards this year, for in her new video below, "Laserlights", she has parlayed her look into yet another classic, yet modernly innovative style  using her ponytail. As I always say, it's good to mix things up a bit every once in a while, and she certainly has ruffled my feathers in a good way! I have been very pleased to see the progression Jessie J's career because on top of being an undeniably talented vocalist with the personality of a seasoned professional, her look is what has been keeping us in tune to her music. In my fashion, she is always a sight for soar eyes with her optimistic feeling colorful combos and avant guard distinctiveness. I feel that her outfit choices are good examples of how to wear pieces that are more playful, and distinctive design-wise, but acceptable to wear outside of the Hollywood spotlight. If you ask me, I feel her look is already noteworthy in regards to her sartorial influence, for considering she does it so well, I foresee more people on the streets taking the same risks Jessie J rocks on stage quite soon. This single "Laserlights" is to be available on her platinum edition of her debut album "Who You Are" in May.

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