Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Award Show Season Best Looks: The Grammy's 2012

Jessie J in Juien Macdonald, Lady Gaga in Custom Chanel,
Rihanna in Custom Giorgio Armani

Award season is upon us and we have already marked the Golden Globes, and SAG awards off the list for this year. Here on, the way that I will be highlighting and reporting on celebrity style choices for award shows will be through my new side-feature on my blog called, "Award Show Season Best Looks". When an award show occurs, I will highlight my three favorite looks of the night, and do a mini-analysis of why I think they look phenomenal. Take a look at my choices for this past Sunday as we were entertained by the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. Unfortunately the night before, on that Saturday, February 11, 2012,  it was announced that beloved, Whitney Houston (48) , passed away. Ms. Houston was by far one of the greatest singers this world has ever known with a style worth every thousand dollar, and considering her legacy, she has been an inspiration to people on a magnitude that surpasses even the highest of standards. In my fashion, becoming a source of inspiration is the greatest gift a person can attain in this life.

Whitney Houston 1963-2012
We will always love you

Unfortunately, I am not at the status to cover the award shows in live (in due time), so my choices are not based on everyone I could see if I was there personally. But as far as what I have seen from those who I have seen attended, my favorite choices were Jessie J, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. Even though choosing these girls is probably a little cliche, for they always look awesome, but these looks are the ones that gave me the biggest hair-raisers.

Jessie J: I love her look because it's a departure from her normal aesthetic of the boxy shoulder-length bob, and tight colorful one-pieces she usually wears. Now, even though it's a different look, it still retains the "Jessie J aura" because of her fair skin and the bang, but for her to be wearing a floor length dress was very unexpected (especially at the Grammy Awards which is the funnest night for fashion as far as award shows go where you will find the most outlandish looks). What was more unexpected was the construction of the dress which is why she was made of metal! Designer Julien MacDonald should definitely cut her a check for wearing this one. Anyone who can wear head-to-toe metal and not look like she's going to war or something, is definitely worthy of a round-of-applause!

Rihanna: This look makes me remember......Yes, just as Elizabeth Hurley arrived at the 1994 premier of Four Weddings and a Funeral  turning heads, so did Rihanna at the 2012 Grammy's. Making her transition from red to blond hair was a fantastic style move on RiRi's already sparkling track record of looks, especially with that style cut: a girly, rock star, make shift mullet (@Ken_Dutchess observed that its reminiscent of the The Bride of Chucky, Tiffany).  Rihanna was of course sexy, but with a haughty, regal, mature appeal. I would like to add that she was very respectful looking as well in lieu of the recent passing of Whitney Houston, which she seemed to take harder than most, but that slit up to mid-thigh makes me reconsider that adjective. Very elegant looking as she sauntered on the red carpet.

Lady Gaga: Even though Lady Gaga didn't appear on the red carpet, I thought her look was avant garde in a nutshell. She was the epitome of wearing high fashion, haute-couture (theatrical looks) in normal life (only if you consider going to the Grammy's normal). This dress is so hard-core it's hard to imagine it came from the House of Chanel with such an aggressive undertone that the dress possess. Remember America's Next Top Model Cycle 6, when the girls took photos upside down in fishnets as mermaids? Someone must have pulled Lady Gaga out of the same watering hole, because she looks like a high fashion mermaid just wrangled from the ocean and forced to appear at the Grammy's looking "amazingly normal" for Gaga. At least she didn't do this again.

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