Thursday, February 9, 2012

Style Watch: Key Swag 3000

Watching BET's 106&Park the other day, a "New Joint" came on that surprisingly gave me goosebumps as I watched. Now I am very often pleased, but not often impressed, and this kid impressed me. Take a gander below...

After watching, read more of why I found this to be so impressive, style-wise...

Key Swag 3000
Now, I don't know if someone conditioned him to give off the amount of energy that he was giving off in his video, but regardless, Key Swag 3000, definitely has swag. In my fashion, it's easy to give a kid directions, but for them to evoke the emotion of their actions they must have personality and style. Key Swag is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and as if its hard enough for us adults to figure out what is our own style, imagine defining your style at age 12! Yep, he is only 12 years old. The Key Swag 3000 106 & Park Interview exposes a bit more about the young firecracker. Watching Key Swag's animation in his video is like watching one of my favorite past time Saturday morning cartoons, and for the majority of the video, it's just him! There aren't many props used aside from the digital "Poof"s that pop up throughout the video. The funny thing is that from the sound of his voice, there is a vibrato that is present that makes his presence seem much more alluring in the sense that our eyes and ears are in anticipation of what he has to say and do next. For those of you who remember, I'm sure you can picture Khalil from Bebe's Kids. I would like to see how this young man evolves, especially his style. I feel he will be a good leader for young boys having a strong bravado while being able to articulate oneself and market oneself. Plus the kid is wacky, and wacky is always entertaining, but its not cliche! His fashion is very young and boyish, outlandish, animated, urban-prep. I can't wait to see how this one matures with his bold framed flip-up glasses and bow ties. He seems to ooze longevity to me. At least I hope. I give him snaps for his courageous fashion efforts!   
I don't know too much about him as of yet, but in this segment of, "Style Watch", I will be keeping my eye on new talent and their style progression. Assuming none of the people I feature don't end up going down the same road as our beloved Lindsay Lohan (who I think still has a chance to get her image back on track), I will be watching how these future style mavens evolve and refine their style.

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