Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Preserving Style

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Jennifer Aniston is obsessed with skincare, "laser porn", and
living a natural lifestyle [source].  
New York Magazine has reported that that Jennifer Aniston was the highest grossing magazine cover for Marie Claire in July and for Elle in November, and according to Bing she moved from the number six spot to the number three spot on their list for the most searched persons of 2011[Source]. Not that I am an Aniston "hater" or anything like that, but I did have a bit of trouble understanding why, especially since the days of "Friends-mania" has long since passed. Even though she did have two movies that came out in 2011 (Just Go with It and Horrible Bosses), thinking about how much I remember seeing news about her throughout the year (besides the usual banal Brad, Jen, and Angie love triangle updates) I don't remember a huge hoopla about her, not enough to be "Most Searched" at least.

Turns out if fans aren't looking for the exact way to cut your hair just like Aniston's, then you are definitely looking to see how gorgeous she is...still. We remember Aniston (43), from the popular hit show Friends, which hit the air in 1994, and since its last episode in 2004, she has been the poster child for aging beautifully as she seems to get younger with each year. Aniston attributes her beauty to not only to constant yoga and cardio workouts [source], but one of her personal beauty regimens involves using Clean Soft Bath Milk [source] which is infused with pink grapefruit and passion lily for smooth skin.

Style has a lot to do with how you take care of yourself. What is your daily hygienic regimen? What do you do to stay clean, radiant, refreshed, and healthy? In my fashion, beauty starts with the condition of your skin. If your skin looks good, I feel you have have the ability to wear whatever it is you want to wear, and still show some resonance of natural beauty. How do you maintain your authentic glow and lively aura? You don't want your skin looking feeling like old leather, and making you look like an old Member's Only jacket! I have done a lot of research and reading up on how to naturally take care of your body in all aspects, including: how to relax your pores, soften you skin, promote healthy nail and hair growth, and everything else! In my segment "Preserving Style" I will throw out what natural remedies for total body health I have learned about, and hopefully you can take something away and add it to your own regimen.

Knowing how to take care of your body naturally is important because in the long run we will see the benefits of consistent and disciplined care. We must always be aware of what we take into our bodies, for what we take in, is what we put out.

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