Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day: The Style of Our Relationship

Instead of Adam and Eve, it's Adam and KEN.
I thank the Lord for making us one.
Considering it is Valentine's Day, I thought this would be the perfect time for me to introduce my partner in crime, my better half, my icing to my cake, my best friend, muse, and boyfriend, Dwight (aka @Ken_Dutchess). Dwight and I met some years ago in college, and became good friends for a good while before I officially tricked him into being my boyfriend (*lies and fairytales). There was no deceiving of any sort actually. The nature of our relationship was quite organic and natural, which is exactly how I would describe the style of our relationship. Something just told me that he was just "good" for me somehow, so I continued to hang around, and see what would happen.

There are two types of people in the world: introverts and extroverts. I am an introvert, and Dwight is an extrovert. We are complete opposites, yet if you know us personally, there is not a time when we are not in communication with each other. We are obsessed with each other. We live off the ideal of "Love first; emotions second". We interpret it to mean that no matter what mistakes we make on our road of life together, we will make sure our love triumphs over immaturity, irrational decisions, and selfishness. We have a connection on a physical, mental, and spiritual level that together makes the whole of the love that we share. In my fashion, this type of the connection makes for the strongest relationships.

Read on to understand more about us, and see what transpired the night of Valentine's Day...

A dynamic duo for the
future of fashion.

Dwight and I have found that we work well naturally as a unit in all aspects of our lives, and together we plan to bring something new and special to the fashion/entertainment industry and be a part of its evolution. Business-wise, Dwight is well versed in marketing and entertainment, and keeps me abreast on industry details in music and television, while I keep him afloat on the expansive mini-world of fashion, and I specialize in strategic management and the logistics of projects. With our attitude, flare, and chemistry, we have found that together we are able to bounce ideas off of each other to stand aside from our competition. It works well in our case because together we are on opposite sides of the spectrum, so once we come to the middle, we know we have created something far off the beaten path. We work to always be new, relevant, and more. The influence we want to bring to society is to express your best self, and to be confident in your abilities and what you were put on this Earth for. We want for those around us to learn more about themselves and reach their highest potential. We want to be your source of valuable style/beauty information. We use cloths to supplement our mission in life and from here on, you will see a lot more of Dwight on IMF.blog for when we work together, we create magic.
Dwight is one in a million
with a larger than life personality.
As I said before, we are obsessed with each other, but it's not an unhealthy obsession, for to feel that there may be someone else out there for you but you full-heartedly do not want to find out because you already have what you want and need in your life is the best feeling in the world (literally). It's marvelous to have the feeling of knowing that you have the power to be with that one person, or to leave and be with whoever you want, but you would be damned if you did because you know that no one else can match what you have now with the one you love. Its like a part of my life is full, and now I am working on filling up the other aspects of my life to full capacity. It's the feeling of knowing that you made a major commitment not just to your mate, but to yourself. To know that you have the ability to choose the one you love and know in your heart that this is what is good for you, and you only, is the fuel that keeps me in my relationship. In my fashion, its quite tacky to be the annoying couple that is always flaunting their relationship in front of people, but we do not hide the fact that we love each other, or that we will take up for the other in a heartbeat. As long as I know my baby loves me, I don't need anyone else's approval, disapproval, or opinions on how I live my life. 

Another part of the style of our relationship is that we are God fearing, and have been brought up to have a good relationship with our Lord based on reverence and respect for Him and His commands. Me and Dwight rely heavily on the Lord and stay faithful that he will keep us together for he brought us together so fatalistically. My staying faithful to Dwight is a test of my honor and integrity to HIM, and I, as a man, will not let anything compromise my honor.

Dwight and I know we have a long way to go on our road together, but even though our love is organic we put a lot of work into our relationship in order to keep our love natural and not forced. The key words towards keeping us together is DISCIPLINE and CONVICTION. We will make this work, because we want for this to work. We feel you should not have to convince yourself that you are in love, but the feeling should come from a deeper psychological need to keep that passion that  brought you together in the first place. I always thought to myself, why would I become involved with someone if I couldn't see myself with them for the rest of my life, and Dwight is that one person I can't see myself being without for the rest of mine. We understand that neither of us is perfect, but we are here to help each other become so.   

To get a look at how I showed my love on this Valentine's Day night, click here!

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