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Style Maven: Agyness Deyn

Fashion model, Agyness Deyn [Photo Credits: Zimbio]

In my fashion, all of the world should be attuned to who this pixie-like chameleon is, for it is international fashion model, Agyness Deyn! Agyness Deyn has been one of my personal greatest influences in fashion. Her style helped to inspire my own love for fashion and personal expression. Proudly hailing from Manchester, England, Agyness began in fashion in the early 2000's and exploded into public attention in 2006. By 2008, she starred in 18 campaigns and walked in 52 catwalks [source].

Constantly changing hairstyles keeps her admirers quenching for the
next creative do she will rock.
Along with being one of the top models of that year, she was also deemed the years most annoying person by BBC, mostly because she was hounded so much by the paparazzi for her unique style. People just love to look at the girl! Everyone loves someone who can always show something new, and while her style is obviously punk rocker chic, Agyness is always the source of a new way to adorn one's self. Take a look at the third photo to the right in the above box. Her earring is a safety pin (which isn't a bad idea to put other random stuff in our pierced ears, ex. a spring. That would be punk-like, don't you think?)! There are more looks and analysis after the jump.

Androgynous, eccentric, punk rock, comfort can describe her street style
which comes off as quite effortless
Now, we must consider why BBC would consider Agyness worthy of such an unattractive title. In essence, its pretty much a compliment because its a sign that her style is anything but unattractive, and it's well received by onlookers. The message she exudes to others is, "I do what I want, where I want, when I want,"  in the most funky, young and comely manner. One of her most endearing attributes, and probably what made her most popular, is her variance of enlivening hair-dos against her fair skin. The bleached short pixie boy look is her signature, but going from bald to shoulder length, to black keeps our heads spinning as we try to keep up with this girl whose style seems to take on a mind of its own. I think what is most notable is the energy that she radiates when you look at the cohesiveness of her look. In my fashion, Agy's look is so ingenuous, creative, and fun that it makes others think to themselves, "Why didn't I think of that? I want to have fun like that with my own cloths!" There is such a candor about her look that is so inspiring. Even though she describes her style as very punky, if you watch her in interviews and videos, she seems to be quite the opposite of a punk in the traditional sense. She is more of a punk advocating for fun, easy, free-spirited living, and just looking at Agyness reminds you of the enjoyment of living in with that mindset. She dresses to be prepared for fun wherever she goes. She reminds us that fashion should be enjoyed internally if anything else, and to me she represents the purest example of this fact.

Agyness Deyn can be seen on the red carpets looking edgy,
but absolutely decadent.
Fashion, now a days, is just as entertaining as sports. People gawk to see who was wearing what just as much as people keep track of who is going to win the Superbowl. I feel that we are so aware of the profitability of fashion that everyone wants to put their own spin on it. I think that's fine and dandy, but I feel the issue now is that we let the financials consume the enjoyment of fashion. We are so focused on making a statement for lucrative gains or to satisfy insecure acceptance and pretentiousness, rather than just reveling in the fact of dressing according to the precepts of our personalities and respecting our personal style above industry say-so. I came across an interesting article on about eccentricity by Christian Chensvold entitled Everyone/No One Is Eccentric. It is a very well written spiel on modern day eccentricity and how the concept has been whittled down through the centuries to mean pretty much nothing. I think the central focus of the fashion industry now is about how can we replicate the pure enjoyment of fashion aside from corporate financial standards. Agyness is oblivious to this corporate governance over the industry, and whenever I look at her I am reminded to simply have fun doing what I do.

Here is a video of Agyness in action at a campaign shoot for the Burberry fragrance, 'The Beat' in 2008. Doesn't fashion look fun in this video?

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