Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Style Mavens

Just a few examples of "Style Mavens"
From Left: Rihanna, Johnny Depp, Audrey Hepburn, Andre 3000
In my fashion, having style implies that there is a certain aura about you that is clearly recognizable to others. When we say, for example, "That look is so, Kesha," we can assume you are referring to a look that is party appropriate, but that if you go to a dumpster, you can create the same look. If you say, "I am going for a Audrey Hepburn feel," you obviously are going for a very simple, but demure aesthetic.  We don't say these things particularly because of the pieces of clothes they wear, but it's about how they wear them, it's about how they move in them, it's about what those pieces of clothing mean to that person, and it's about how they connect with their cloths according to that what goes on it their life. As I have said before as long as you have a definitive reason for why you do what you do, no one can have any say in who you are. This, plus a bit of creative thinking, gives you the ability to create a persona all your own to navigate in this world that is trying its hardest to tell you who you are.  

What I am going to do in this segment is make a list of these people who I classify as "Style Mavens". I want to highlight why these mavens have made us look at them. What are the things that these people do that make their style truly one-in-a-million?

If you would like to send me suggestions of someone I am looking over, please do so, and we can analyze together @InMyFashion!

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