Friday, April 6, 2012

à la mode: Tails of the City

In my fashion, I am completely ready to discontinue layering, feeling chilly, and having to think so much about how to brave going outside in the cold. In light of the coming warmer weather, what better way to introduce my new feature "A la Mode", French for "in the current fashion or style". As I have mentioned in my "April Letter from the Editor", this spring is all about restoring the vibe of the "90's" taking inspiration from florals, and sea life, and using outlandish, bright, and offbeat colors to lift our spirits, and keep us excited. I love looking at fashion spreads for inspiration. In my fashion, they are the best way to show the consumer the best ways to wear a particular garment and express the feeling you can have when wearing it (depending on the stylist, of course). To me, photo shoots are the ultimate photographic experience! To set out to compose the most beautiful, most interesting, most inspiring image is my heart’s desire for I know for myself, it is my personal way of influencing others and sharing MY knowledge of our world, as well as shedding light on the true essence of who we are, and how our world is beautiful in so many ways. I like to think that with the perfect image, a viewer will engrave that visual in their mind to mean so much more than simply a photo taken at a particular time, but as an inspirational tool to make whatever sparks of imagination we gain from that visual as tangible as possible in our own point of view. Whether we take away a particular feeling, message, a nostalgic resonance, or maybe even an epiphany, a photo can explain to us what we really want in life, and set us on that path to obtaining it. It sets the tone for an ambitious mind state, and like I always say, "Dress for the position you want, not the one you are in," or in other words, attitude before aptitude! Until I am able to create my own big budget photo shoots with the best team of artists, in the best locations, with best equipment, I will be highlighting what photo spreads and images that I find truly captivating and worth a look see. I would also like to expose the ways stylist and magazines produce a particular shoots and I will also be highlighting my chosen spreads on my side panel, so be on the lookout for some very interesting visuals to come on

My first feature comes from American Vogue, April 2012 issue, photographed by Craig McDean, and edited by Fashion Editor Tabitha Simmons. (Clicking on the images will make them larger to view)

Very edgy, and Edward-Scissor-Hands-
Chic, yet it radiates an innocent, school girl.
Perfect for looking rebelliously comely 

In my fashion, this look seems very
comfortable for this spring. Although it is
long, I say go for less revealing looks that
give you a quirky confidence to stand out
from the crowd.   

Alcatraz orange equals bold, aware,
clean and strong
Mermaid Chic

Haughty spin on the naughty nun look
In my fashion, this reptilian look with
sequins and a muted sheen has an air
of sophisticated playfulness  

The geometric positioning of the orange
pattern makes for a sharp, bombastic
This all paisley look is as relaxing and
 refreshing as water splashing against
one's face

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