Friday, April 20, 2012

Style Watch: Elle Varner

In light of my previous à la mode post featuring this natural haired beauty, I would like to start the weekend off with a cute new music video from the Elle Varner. Elle Varner is another one of the afro sporting songstresses in the industry now who is brining soul/folk music to the pop market among other artists like Adele and Gotye. I had to highlight this blog for my IMF'ers because if you are familiar with Ella Varners first single, "Only Wanna Give it to You" ft. J. Cole, this second single, "Refill" is a great follow up, in my fashion. I enjoy the fact that her first song was upbeat, colorful, catchy, and cute! Her look went along with the feel of the song, so we were really able to connect with who Ella Varner is as her own brand from the get go. This second track is a beautiful balad of a love story in which she has a heartbreaking and unfortunate ending, but its ending really helps the video and song come together full circle, and shows more of a clever side to Varner, which is a part of her personality that I am sure will help keep her relevant in the industry. If she can continue to produce work that is of this caliper, she will be well on her way to distinguishing herself from the rest of the crowd on the scene to build a stronger brand for herself.  Be on the look out for her album, Perfectly Imperfect, out later this year.

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