Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sartorial Philosophies

Guess what I'm thinking about...
Just the other day, I tweeted that I think too much about fashion. Then I thought to myself, "Oh well!" This got me to thinking about a video that I used to watch everyday to give me my daily words of encouragement. It is called "The Strangest Secret" by Earl Nightingale. This video has helped me to realize that we can be successful no matter where we are at in our lives; it just takes a bit of soul searching, and most importantly, FOCUS. In the video, Earl Nightingale observes a series of great definitions and quotes that we all can live by and use to understand our lives and where we are going. Some examples include:
-Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal
-"The opposite of courage  in our society is not cowardice, it's conformity." ~ Rollo May
-95% of men/women will not succeed because they conform!
-Instead of competing, all we have to do is create!
-The key to success/failure: We become what we think about! 
-"All we are is what we have thought about." ~ Buddha
-If you think about nothing, you become nothing!
-Universities tell us that we are only working on 10% of our abilities
-We MUST control our thinking! The same rule that can lead a man to a life of
success...can lead him to the gutter. Its all in how he uses it!
-All you need is purpose and faith. Don't worry. Hold your goal before you, and everything
else will take care of itself.
-Anyone who contributes to prosperity, gains prosperity.
-The architect of the universe did not build a staircase leading no where.

As I explained in my post "Letter from the Editor: The Beginning" I understand the world through fashion.  Just like some people understand life by cooking like, Paula Deen, or through understanding wildlife like, Jeff Corwin, or even through macroeconomics like, Warren Buffett, when you find that one subject that inspires you to wake up everyday and learn more about it in an effort to understand it completely, as long as you have a purpose, and faith that you will fulfill that purpose, you are well on your way to the success that you desire. The most profound passage from the video that makes me feel as though I have reached an epiphany each time I hear it is that, "We become what we think about." At heart, I am a motivator and taste maker, so I choose to understand fashion, and how we can use fashion to keep a positive outlook on life, and so, I tend to think about fashion all day long, and I find no problem with that, because I know where I am going, and to have that control over your life makes for an awesome journey of understanding your life the only way you would know how to.

On my side panel, you will see my new feature, "Sartorial Philosophies", where I will highlight THREE of the most pressing fashion/style realizations that I have been pondering about which I feel must be shared with my audience. I will continually update my quotes as I feel so there will always be new quotes, so check the site often to see what I post next. Just as I am doing with my "Weekly Health Tips" I will retire old philosophies to this post in case you ever want to see previous sartorial philosophies.

  1. "In my fashion, dressing in color is a good way to remind yourself to stay upbeat, positive, fun, and lively"
  2. "In my fashion, when you dress nice, you go nice places!"
  3. "In my fashion, the words for this SPRING/SUMMER 2012 season include: Florals, Sealife, Clueless (the movie), and Neon Colors."
  4. "In my fashion, glamour is not about sporting money, it's about a feeling of opulent self-worth."
  5. "In my fashion, your style is a culmination of how well your first and last impressions were received by someone else, comparatively."
  6. In my fashion, exuding great style shows how much you know you are worth."
  7. "In my fashion, one can gain a lot out of life simply by dressing above par."
  8. "In my fashion, personal style is not so much about what you wear, but about how singularly and consistently you emphasize your own convictions according to your beliefs."
  9. "In my fashion, life is about the attainment of the truest form of beauty in all that we do!"
  10. "In my fashion, fashion is about selling dreams; style is about making them come true!"
  11. "In my fashion, if you are not happy with the progression of your life...change your look for it changes your attitude!"
  12. "In my fashion, style is about synching your look with your intentions for your day. Set high intentions for your day and look the part in order to get the best out of life."
  13. "In my fashion, when you have found out who you really are, you have more time to make closer, more insightful, observations about the world and people around you."
  14. "In my fashion, I feel a lot of us try too hard to be something we are NOT, when we should really be trying our hardest to BE what we ARE."
  15. "In my fashion, what are your best assets now, can become your worst assets later. Flaunt what you got NOW, for you only live once!"
  16. In my fashion, style states your purpose and your relevance to society.
  17.                                      In my fashion, style is rooted in consistency.
  18. In my fashion, style is about dressing with conviction; when you learn to dress with conviction, you will learn to live with conviction.
  19. In my fashion, don’t end your life before it’s over and become complacent in life. Always be looking to feed your inspiration, for inspiration is what keeps you alive.
  20. In my fashion, keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.
  21. In my fashion, fashion is great; style is what will make you happy.
  22. In my fashion, if you take care of something in a unique way, you will get unique results. Experimentation is the fun of fashion.
  23. In my fashion, developing my style is the only thing keeping me alive.
  24. In my fashion, nothing will carry you in this world except for your style. 
  25. In my fashion, blogging could very well be the future of fashion journalism, but nothing will ever beat the sheer joy of flipping through the pages of a magazine.
  26. In my fashion, it may be difficult to judge a book by its cover, but its a different story when it comes to a person's clothes.

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