Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Style Watch: M.I.A.

Do you remember in 2007 when the everyone seemed to be obsessed with the urban folk style rap sound of the Grammy nominated song, "Paper Planes"? Sans Madonna (see Vogue Makes a Cameo at the Superbowl), M.I.A. has released another track sporting her unique blend of urban-Saudi-punk-rock-refugee style. This video having been shot in Ouarzazate, Morocco, and pretty much using side winding cars as back ground dancers, it gives the video a very fun, California-like feel that is very consumer relatable than her past work, yet highly international. Given that this month was all about "Female Empowerment Through Positive Dressing" here on IMF.blog, I am glad to be featuring this video in light of  Women to Drive Movement in Saudi Arabia,  which is what the video's statement lines up with. In my fashion, this video, along with a lot of her past songs (Boyz, Bamboo Banga, Come Around), brings me such inspiration, and fills me such a desire to liven up my life in the present moment. She inspires me to be unique and colorful, yet urban and cool, and strong and off-beat. Her bravado is very interesting considering her cultural background and it makes me wonder, how can so many influences be represented by one girl so cohesively? However she does it, I can't wait to see what this eclectic artist has to offer this summer with her said to release untitled album for 2012.

If you need any different and unique outfit ideas, I approve this video as a good source! How much more unconventional can one get with M.I.A in the mix.

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