Thursday, March 8, 2012

Style Watch: Neon Hitch

Remember this little fireball below that found her way into Gym Class Heroes music video for their single, "Ass Back Home"? In case you couldn't remember her name, it is Neon Hitch, and she is a new artist, once again, from the UK. The UK has really found their way into the US market with so much new talent coming in and inspiring us Americans with their lovely, but eclectic variations in sound (i.e. Jessie J, Ellie Goulding, Adele). Even though I didn't know who this bombshell was when I first saw the video, I was captivated by the firey glow of this girls hair, which brings out the best of her sparkling eyes. She was a joy to see in the video, but seeing that today is International Women's Day, I chose to highlight this UK star because of a video she has done all her own...Click play! 

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Neon Hitch in Gym Class Heroes' single "Ass Back Home
"F U Betta" was released on, March 7, 2012,  which reached #1 the same week on the Billboard after being on the Dance Charts for the past six weeks (she has been working!). I wanted to show this video because I feel this is an excellent example of what a women should look like, and I think this is an excellent video to come out with after having been in "Ass Back Home". Neon Hitch moves so enticingly in this video, so much so that we can see each muscle that comes into play for her to look the way that she does when she girates throughout the whole video. I appreciate a women who can entertain me by being simple yet sexy, artistic yet practical, and original yet interesting, while keeping me wanting more and waiting for her next move in her career. After being a part of "Ass Back Home" with the single peaking #12 on the Hot 100 Billboard, she gained some good exposure, and now with this music video she is making us take a deeper look at who she is, and so far she is doing a good job at keeping her succession in the industry interesting to follow. Her album is scheduled to be released this summer 2012, so let's see what she follows up with next!

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