Thursday, March 1, 2012


When I reflect back on last month, it was actually quite a personal one for me. Not only is February the month I was born, in recognition of my heritage, it was also Black History Month, and this Valentine's Day I really took the time and effort to express my love for my better half, Dwight, in a creative and romantic way (and everything went according to plan, which doesn't happen often). The largest reason for why I consider this such a "personal" month for myself is that it was also the birth of This blog is truly a labor of love and dedication to fashion, better living, and spreading valuable knowledge that you, my readers, can take away and use for yourself. In my fashion, I would hope that in this short time I have been developing that everyone is able to understand my mission in creating this blog. I want for those who visit to understand where I come from as far as what fashion can do for you in your life if you work to develop your own singular style. In my fashion, one should use fashion to:
  1. Become your best self and reach your highest potential (Dress for the part you want, not the one that you are in)
  2. Understand your life (Understand who you are, and how you became who you are in order to learn the reasons you do the things you do, and how you best cope with the world around you)
  3. Use fashion to have fun, enjoy life, and anticipate what greatness you have to look forward to in life (First impressions are key. One should always intend to look their best, for it's never known when someone important is observing you and your mannerisms) 
  4. Use it to stay current and show others your relevance in this life by finding creative ways to sport the current trends of the moment in your own, individualistic manner (there is power in "Positive Dressing")
  5. Don't worry about others, and stay within the comfort of who you are and what your style is
  6. Use it, most importantly, to alter your state of mind!
When you care for yourself and understand how you want to be cared for, others then can care for you and help you in the ways that you need to be helped so you can reach your highest potential. I thank everyone who comes to view my blog, and to those who spread my knowledge to your peers to aid in bettering each other.

This month I am going to ask an important favor of those who view my blog. I would really like to exercise the feature on my side panel entitled "Follow via Email" at the top of the page, and underneath my profile entitled "About". I would really like to keep in contact with those who view my blog, and even though I may not be able to speak with you face-to-face to fill you in on new Posts and features, with the "Follow via Email" feature whenever I make a new blog post, you will get the alert that I have done so. I promise, you are NOT going to NOT want to have these alerts, for I am sure the content I provide will bring a smile to your face for the day, which is the ultimate goal of (P.S. Feel free to leave comments on posts you feel some type of way about! Lets open a dialogue)

Journey with me, would
you please?
Now, ladies, this month of March is all about you! All the collections would have shown for this show season, so let me be the one to take you on a journey towards preparing for what we are going to be wearing this spring, and coming fall. We are going to take this month to analyze the collections and I will be thinking of innovative ways  in which you can bring catwalk looks to your closet without having to go to the fashion capitals, and without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money. I plan on bringing you "inspiration"! I have planned a lot of exciting and diverse ways to work towards my mission, as explained above, and I want you to know there will be original videos, grand displays of fashion and visual imagery, truly insightful and original queries that I often think about that don't get much attention, and quick, funky ways to improve the quality of your life in all aspects. This month I want to focus on what women can do to enhance themselves, and continually step out of the box to show another interesting aspect about themselves that makes up who they are as a whole. In my fashion, I have found that when you give yourself to a higher power or something you believe in (whether it's your religion, fashion, the art of knowing how to , you can use that mindset to draw strength from to battle all your hurdles and keep your happiness. Not only do I want women to feel they can step out of the box, but I want them to understand that beauty comes from whatever you see is beautiful. Conviction in your beliefs is the key to great style. I have come to find that people don't love and respect themselves as much as they should, and I want women, all over, to know that regardless of what's going on in their lives, when you look good, you feel good.

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