Sunday, March 17, 2013

à la mode: Retro Remix

If you remember, READing Your Style post, Survey of Historic Costume (Part 1), I shared some fashion history on clothing worn in the 60's. The 60's, unlike the "Silent Generation" before them, was a time when young people demanded to be heard, and was a time of many social protest movements. The Feminist Movement began during this time in history; traditional values were being questioned; the roles of women were changing; and some feminist supported dress reform as they saw clothing as symbolizing oppression. The Mods, Rockers, Hippies, and punks became prominent style tribes and their clothing certainly made their own statements to the rest of society. The great debate in fashion during this time was skirt lengths and the craze over miniskirts.

March is Women’s History Month, and there is no one more perfect than Grace Coddington to show how the 2013 Spring Collections have revisited the 60’s with looks inspired by the decade, as she was model during the time. The revival of 60’s flair in this particular decade is appropriate because women, each year, continue to make longer and longer strides in the way of developing their voice in society (i.e. Vogue, March 2013, reports that media outlets have declared 2013 the year of the woman as a record number of women take congressional office)

In my fashion, nothing represents the vigor that is in a woman more than a pointy shoe. To me, a strong way to channel that certain alluring presence of a woman is through the pointy flats worn throughout the spread. Regardless of the skirt length, these shoes compliment any women’s look by drawing a certain feminine line for one's body. These pointy flats mimic that strength and dominance of a woman wearing her highest pointy heel stilettos, but the fact that they are, indeed, flats makes for a more down-to-earth, practical, and approachable lady. 

To me what’s most striking about the woman who wears these types of flats is the way they elongate the women’s legs and defines the womanly contours of her limbs (they do this on most all women I've encountered and seen). No matter what size your leg, they certainly will make them thinner looking, and even more deity-like. When worn with a frock that shows off those legs, and styled right, they make the women more light-on-air (i.e.. pages 3 and 4).

In my fashion, pointy shoes on a women make the statement, “I am a girl, but I don’t throw like one.” They say, "I'm on the ball, and I keep on my toes." When you think of a smart person, they are referred to as very "sharp", and when you see a pointy-shoed women, I am immediately struck by her intelligence in wearing a shoe that gives such a sleek and slimming effect. If you find a pointy flat that has a clacker-heel, depending on how hard you walk, the sound as you walk demands attention with each step. Look at the last look of the spread: the armor-esque Balenciaga tweed suit is strong, and sexy with her midriff showing; then, your eyes lead down her black legs all the way down to the point of her pointy black flats! In my fashion, such an exclamation point!

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