Saturday, October 6, 2012

à la mode: into the Wild

Here are some good points about where we are going this fall from Marie Claire magazine. As shown in this spread, the variety in furs shown at the FW2012 collections were definitely a staple in most collections. I'm particularly giddy about this show of furs because these pieces are a easy wear for fall, not because of the obvious warmth one would feel against one's skin (my personal favorite right now is fox fur), but if you will take notice in this spread, there's not much difficulty in wearing a fur piece to add a bit of bold drama. Fur is great for comfort, and great for those of us who want to be a bit more feral in their look. This spread shows how fur is a great way to bring out one's accessories. Furs can quite often make us shapeless and considerably larger than we'd like to appear. Strategically worn accessories can create a interesting illusion, for while there may be a lot going on, onlookers eyes will have lots of time to dance around your look as they observe your ominous presence.

Fur is animalistic and primal, and the fourth page of the spread (second row,right) is an awesome example of how to tame that wild fur jacket this fall with jewelry and accessories that bring out the dainty, more elegant aspect of your natural beauty. 

The rings and bracelets, while earthy and primitively-inspired, they have crisp lines and bold shapes (not to mention the shimmer) which do the trick in highlighting the natural beauty of the girl that is engulfed underneath the fur, a happy marriage between hard and soft. 

In the first look, the model, Emily Senko, wears a space age, Kanye West book bag and accessories with her fur Fendi Jacket, another take on mixing the primitive with the technological. The same can be said of those awesome knee-high Kanye West boots on the third page of the spread (second down, left). They remind me of boots a modern "Jane of Tarzan" would have to have in her closet. Its all about mixing the "hard/edgy" design of today with the soft comfort of "yesterday's" caveman women as she's stripped straight from her tavern or jungle, and dropped off into the modernity of civilization.

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