Monday, October 1, 2012

EDITOR'S LETTER: October 2012

Don't be afraid! I'm Just Me.
I love this photo of Dwight because this photo happened so organically—the way a photo is should turn out: on one of our daily strolls through the park I snapped a few photos of Dwight because the sunlight was illuminating his skin very richly. It increased the crisp blue of his shirt, which was perfect against a backdrop of the vibrant fall colors of mother nature. He struck a few poses, (aside: he has gotten very good at angling his body) and we moved on with our walk. Fast forward to yesterday evening, when I’m down to the wire, and I'm thinking of what photo would represent this month's theme perfectly, and so, I pulled out the photos we took that day earlier in the month. My intent was to find a photo that was dramatic looking, evoking a hint of fright, hence this is the Halloween season, but then I came across the above image. Thinking of the reasons for why I have always loved Dwight, chief among them is that he has never been afraid to be himself. I first saw him from a distance at our Alma Mater's football game my sophomore year of college wearing shorts considerably shorter than other boys at the game. It was an ironic coincidence for me that the first day of class he would burst through the classroom doors. In both instances he carried an energy that read, “I’m just me!”—a refusal to be none other, than Dwight! It’s that glow which I feel has fatalistically drawn me to him, and it is the energy I think we all strive to have ourselves. The thing about his energy is that while it’s obviously loud and controversial at times, it is intoxicating and naturally contagious. I've come to find that his energy comes from a steadfast belief in free speech, speaking up, and being honest, and in my fashion, the worst thing to be is afraid of the truth. The truth helps us grow.

In my fashion, this photo emits that glow from which I first felt when he bust through the doors after the teacher had begun class. I chose it because it is a departure from his normal feminine appeal, and it’s a very good image of him as he is—a strong man. The clutch makes a powerful statement for me because it's pink (a sliver of femininity shining though the masculine pose) and the "I'm Just Me" sticker he got from the 2012 New York City Gay Pride festivities we went to earlier this year is very emblematic of his personality aside from the boyish charm he is channeling.

The point I am trying to make this month is to not be afraid to "get in the bank" and fight the rapids of the river of life. In order to experience the miracles you are meant to experience in your life one must put themselves out in the world, and let people know you are here! Nothing exciting happens to those who sit safely on the riverbank. This month I will be looking into a variety of personalities we have circulating on this planet, going back to my birthday post in which I explored personality types, for I want to attempt to delve into the sartorial aspect of those personalities. This is the perfect month to do so considering this is a time when we are considering turning ourselves into something we're not. Who, or what, will you be for Halloween? Don't be afraid to be who you want to be.

In my fashion, when you are who you want to be you will get where you are meant to be. It’s like Drake says in Nicki Minaj's song, "Moment 4 Life", "Everybody dies, but not everybody lives."

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