Tuesday, April 2, 2013


If anyone is surprised at how fast March slipped on by this year, you are not alone. This past month I found myself quite occupied—so much so, that I'm sure you can tell that my post count for the month was really low. Post-wise, this month was a little difficult for me, but this April I am prepared to bring some thought-provoking and insightful posts in greater numbers than March.

What does a child know about aging beautifully? In my fashion, the manner of which we teach our children about style deserves to be an object of special study on the part of all persons.

March's monthly theme, Looking for Yourself focused on creating a positive a positive self image, bringing our "future-selves" to fruition. While thinking about this topic and creating my posts, I found myself thinking more about how we age, and how one does so beautifully. In my fashion, how we see ourselves has a lot to do with how we age, because how we dress sets an intention for where we want to go. Do we dress everyday with the intention to achieve remarkable things, or do we fall slave to the notion that style doesn't play an important role in where we go in life. I agree with The New York Times Style Magazine, T, that while style may encompass all the elements of life that aren't neccessary; without style life would be less charmed, less beautiful, and certainly not as fun.
Needless to say, preparing my posts last month I found myself having trouble completing a post because I wanted to include so much new information that the context of each post had changed from what I initially began with. So I used March as a month of reflection, and research so I could reset, and begin April with more evolved suject matter. I took some time to do some more in depth research on my subject matter and after doing a lot of reading on my Style Maven, I found aging beautifully and developing that vision of who we will be is more than just about taking care of our looks. In my fashion, style is certainly much more than just aesthetics.
Still thinking along the line of health and wellness, my posts this month cater towards growth and and how to set our minds on a positive trajectory toward our future-selves (I am even revving up the "Weekly Health Tips" feature on my side bar, so be on the look out). The word for this month is, LONGEVITY! Lord knows forces in our lives are always working to keep us from seeing what is good about ourselves. In my fashion, while we may have that ultimate vision of ourselves vividly engraved in or heads, keeping a healthy lifestyle and keeping a positive outlook are the hardest parts of making that vision coming true. This month I am going to share what I learned about preparing for the long-haul of life, physically and mentally.

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