Thursday, March 12, 2015

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As I mentioned in my Editor's Letter, the best way to stay connected with me right now is through my social media, namely Instagram (@inmyfashionblog). Below you will see my timeline and all that I have been posting since the beginning of the year. I have been quite busy as one can see. Since working on the Dress for Success Central Virginia Fashion Show, I have been very enterprising as I have been networking and marketing the show to my community. I have a good feeling about the turn out of our show, especially as we are closely approaching the show date. Please follow me to keep up with what #IMFBlog is getting into, and leave me your comments. I love to respond to those that double tap and comment on my photos! Here is a brief synopsis of what has been going on since the beginning of 2015. 

January 2015: 1) Began my social media onslaught by using Instagram and Facebook to solicit for Designers to participate in our fashion show 2) Celebrated my best friend's birthday who is real fashion plate, in my fashion 3) Began developing a business plan to start a Closet Organization Services, coining the name "Closet Auditor" 

February 2015: 1) Was hired as the new Dress for Success Central Virginia Boutique Manager and conducted my first Donation Saturday Volunteer Day. Every 1st Saturday it is my duty to supervise volunteers to update and clean our Boutique and Career Center. 2) In honor of Black History Month, I celebrated 'Black FASHION History Month' in which I highlighted fashion history pertaining to Black History (I even got comments from Clothing Mogul,  Dapper Dan and NBA star, Walt Frazier , themselves, who had left comments under the posts of which I commemorated their place in fashion history!!)

February 2015: 1) Valentines Day I featured Audrey Hepburn and Robert Wolders as a fantastic example of true love 2) I secured my first client as a "Closet Auditor" and received a positive review from my client on Facebook!

February 2015: 1) Fashion Week began and I featured shows of Black Designers for Black History Month 2) Snow days attempted to slow me down but I remained busy as I did market research to better serve my clients in Closet Organization. I even assisted my father in working on completing my parent's unfinished basement! 3) My client ended up wearing the outfit I suggested she wear for her Valentine's Date night which I was very proud to have helped with.

February 2015: 1) Conducted a photo shoot with my good friend, Sophia Briggs (final photos to come on IG and on Dress for Success Central Virginia Social Media)

February 2015: My birthday happened and I had a wonderful day as I made a huge change for myself that day!

February 2015: 1) Milan Fashion week (my favorite fashion week) occurred and I had to feature Street Style from that week as well as the Moschino show which I feel will be a commercial success in stores as it was this past season. Jeremy Scott is really revamping the brand for the current time, in my fashion. 

March 2015: 1) I was invited by local VJ, Clovia Lawrence, to attend the Virginia Legends Luncheon in which civil rights activists along side Martin Luther King Jr. (my all time Idol) were honored for their work to fight for civil rights. 2) Alongside Clovia Lawrence and Dr. Ervin Johnson, I had assisted in Dr. Johnson's DO SOMETHING MOVEMENT in which we prepared lunch bags with soup and passed them out along with blankets to the homeless within our community. We got up early and walked the streets of Richmond to those less fortunate so they could be a little more comforted in this cold weather season. 

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