Tuesday, March 17, 2015

spéciale de la mode: Vogue Sweep

Do you ever find yourself so stressed to the point where you feel like you need be swept away for just a moment to reprogram and reboot yourself back to a positive state of mind. Some people go to the fridge for this feeling, some people take a puff of the reefer, but here on #IMFBlog, my fix is the Vogue website. Say I am at work and I dealing with an overflow of calls where I feel I could risk my job at the moment with a giddy erg to just pull the plug from the wall, I pop on over the Vogue website and indulge in the rustling fabrics and juxtaposed textures combinations that Vogue has such a rich history of providing in regards to aesthetic relief. Their sartorial and beauty and content will enliven me, and help me remember the beauty that lies beyond the four walls of my cube. Vogue Sweep is my new segment I will begin this year in which I will highlight my sweep of the Vogue website for the most interesting and eye opening news headlines I find when I visit the website. Let me know what you think of what I find. 

1 comment:

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