Friday, July 6, 2012

Styel Watch: T.I. and The O.M.G. Girlz

I have been eyeing T.I.’s new video, “Love This Life”, for a while now since it came out April 3, 2012, and I have been trying to figure out what exactly it was about T.I., his swag, and this video that makes me feel some sort of proud of him. Yes, the video is sexy, suave, modern, and neatly visually constructed, but I figure it’s more because I'm proud of who he has become, and how he is really redeeming himself as a man, and father, after his unfortunate stint in jail. I think he has become an awesome representation a man who went made some careless mistakes in his life, which he ended up paying the price for, and now he is regaining his honor and trudging forward in his career and with his growing family. In my fashion, what I like about this video is its resemblance the song we all loved in 2008, “You Can Have Whatever You Like”, all women want a man who can make them happy, cater to their emotions, and still show strength, and leadership. The song is more so about how as a man he wants an understanding relationship between him and his woman, which is something all of us men need to find in order to be successful in any relationship. I feel this is a song men will relate to, for it comes from a man who working on being the best man he knows he can be. I will be excited to hear more of what he has to say from his album, Trouble Man, which is due in September. Through his experiences in the past few years I am sure he has much to report. has reported on a new 19-year study that concludes one of the best ways to become a better man is to become an involved father. We can see his strife to be a more reliable father figure as seen on his family reality show on VH1, “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle”. In my fashion, this show was needed for T.I. because it helped to expose the other half of T.I.’s life that isn’t gun/drug related and how much work he invests into his kids, and making his wife happy. I enjoy the fact that he is a parent who understands the value in teaching your kids hard work to get what you want even though their parents can provide them with a lot, regardless. I particularly remember the episode where his sons expressed interest in an acting career. It was adorable to see how the boys handled the pressure of taking on a real opportunity to work at acting while understanding the work that goes behind reaching one’s goals. In my fashion, true hard work breeds substantial success, and I am proud to see T.I. champion this outlook to his children. The video below, “Where the Boys At?”, is a video which comes from the new girl group, The OMG Girlz, who have been developed by T.I.’s other half, Tiny, where one third of the trio is their blue haired daughter, Star. T.I. even makes a cameo in the video with his boys that go along quite cute with the concept of the song. T.I. definitely wants to show that he does not play when it comes to his kids, and in my fashion, it’s not even cliché (I do have wonder if Star would agree, though).

I have been eyeing The OMG Girlz (Officially Miss Guided" Girlz) for quite some time now, too. Since they came out in 2011 with their first single, “Gucci This (Gucci That)”, I have been delightfully mesmerized by these girls choice in hair color when I see them make an appearance. They have made a hit in the industry so far based off their distinctly colorful style. I feel the group is being ushered into the industry very well, albeit the help from their parents and industry insiders, they have an kinetic energy like that of TLC, in that their group flow and their spicy blend of bold personalities makes for a cohesive group-style that shouts, “We are fun!” but not in a corporate, gimmicky way that tends to seep through the cracks in this sort of endeavor. Their colored hair is exactly the push in hairstyles that I would like to see more generally accepted in public from mainstream consumers because in the end, life is about having fun!  

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