Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Style Watch: Willow Smith

Have you, yourself, ever rocked a bald haircut before? I have—twice. Not too long ago in 2010 I shaved off all my tresses because I wanted to experiment with having the confidence to pull off such a bold look considering, when I was around age 9, I remember when I let my uncle cut my hair and he accidentally tripped up on himself, nicking my hair in the process; the end result being, me too embarrassed to take off a baseball cap for about two weeks for I was forced to be bald so my hair would grow even. I was so depressed for those weeks. I feel like if had I seen Willow Smith’s new video, “I Am Me,” back in the day during that time, I probably would have been inspired to be proud of such a bold due. To have the confidence to rock a bald cut shows a lot of pride and acceptance for how one looks, especially speaking for young girls. Willow’s new song is a perfect way to open this month’s theme of Acceptance. The premier of her video at the BET Awards Pre-Show was too adorable, in my fashion, along with her look in the video! This song is a departure from her more wild and youthful side, and delves into deeper emotions for her message is one in which we all are trying to cope with ourselves—accepting ourselves for ourselves. In my fashion, I feel her hair really helps in sending the message home, for I feel even though she is an obliviously gorgeous young lady, she embraces the androgynous look and goes for a look that is hard to pull off with confidence as a women, which is to still look pretty, and have the audacity to fashion yourself like a boy (she looks practically identical to her father, Will Smith, when he was young). I am always fascinated with the looks she is able to create for herself, and I love that she is not afraid to cut her hair off at such a young age. In my fashion, her dynamic and daring looks really speak to children on the front of bringing your imaginations to life, and making your experience in this life a fun and exploratory time. In my fashion, the earlier one understands this in life, the more enjoyable life can be for oneself.

In light of today being Independence Day, celebrate not only the nation’s freedom, but your freedom as an individual, as well.

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