Sunday, September 16, 2012

Style Watch: Ciara

Ciara is right on track with her promo for her new album to be released next month. She revealed her album artwork in June, the look of which I deemed positively "à la mode", and as of September 13, 2012 she has released her first video, "Sorry" for the album entitled, "One Women Army". This video says, "Ciara-style" all the way, especially considering this is yet another video where the movement of her body sucks you into the feel of the song, as if we were swallowing chocolate. As we saw in her album artwork her hair has gone from black to blonde, which in my fashion, was a good direction for her to go right now, especially at a time when this September's Vogue has proclaimed that, "Hair is the new makeup." Her new blond hair does well to frame her beautifully sculpted facial features. Ciara's healthy, luscious looking hair, coupled with her long, athletic frame make her such a specimen to be entertained by, especially considering the message of the song. This is actually a good song for my fellow men to pay attention to, not just because of her sheer sexiness, but even Dwight has told me that saying sorry does in fact go a long way when we find ourselves in the heat of the moment. Its about patience. In my fashion, this song is the Ciara-caliber we expect when she entertains. 

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