Wednesday, January 29, 2014

à la mode: 5 Days, 5 Looks, 1 Girl - Ester Adams

I am the type of person who enjoys always being prepared. Because of this, I have always been the type of person to carry a multitude of items on my person. I always have a hard time packing suitcases on trips because I tend to want to take half my closet thinking about what I “might” need, and how disappointed I would be if I needed something I left at home. 


On a daily I carry so many folders, magazines, books, and other odd essentials (or what I think are essentials) that I find it amusing whenever one of my friends get a chance to pick it up because their arms always drop a few inches in from the weight and they are always so shocked to learn how much stuff I lug around on a daily. But it’s 2014 now! On top of giving my sunglasses a break, I am on a mission to reduce my carrying load by sticking with the bare necessities. In accomplishing this feat, I continually remind myself of Vogue Fashion Writer, Ester Adams

Being featured on “5 Days, 5 Looks, 1 Girl”, she too is training herself to "downsize from a large tote full of maybe-I’ll-need-them-maybe-I-won’t items to manageable handbags." It’s funny that based on Ester’s overall minimalist looks that one would classify her as a pack rat, but in my fashion, her selection of small shoulder bags and clutches work well to mask her fastidious nature.


She is my motivation every morning when I’m packing my tote for the day to keep it to a minimum. “You don’t need everything!” I tell myself over and over again. I recently found a clutch to stash my blogger essentials in such as my little black notebook, Galaxy tab, flash drives, a pen and pencil, my phone and charger and that has availed me to carry those items very chicly. I can carry it in my hands or slide it in my bag. 


A clutch is such a chic accessory, and Ester Adams use of clutches and small shoulder bags remind me of the easiness that is projected in one’s look when you aren't carrying your home on your back like a snail. I feel much lighter, I am able to move much swifter, and I feel by carrying only certain essentials and clearing the clutter from my bag, I have in essence cleared some clutter from my brain. Ester is a good reminder to keep it simple at times. 


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