Saturday, January 25, 2014

à la mode: 5 Days, 5 Looks, 1 Girl - Selby Drummond


If there is one thing I favor most about, Selby Drummond, Vogue’s Accessories Editor, is her sunny-side-up attitude she projects in her looks. In my fashion, I am a huge proponent of dressing with wit and humor and creating a look that brings a smile to onlookers. 


Whether people are appreciating the cleverness of my ensemble, or find my look just plain cooky, a smile is an indicator that some sort of interest was sparked, and to me, it’s always fun to get people’s minds going because as Diana Vreeland says, “Give them something them something they didn't know they needed,” and in my fashion, everyone could use a smile.


For me, Selby is great inspiration because I can’t imagine anyone seeing this girl and not cocking a smile. If it’s not for her bright smile and beautifully elongated silhouette, it’s definitely for the subtle details she incorporates in the pieces she wears that make for her polished overall appearance. Appropriately enough, being the Accessories Editor, I adored her reasons for wearing her particular jewelry and accessories.


She reminds me that even if you don’t switch or swap pieces on a daily, or even have high end designer labels to wear, what makes your jewelry spectacular is its sentimental value, especially if you have a piece that is interestingly designed. Selby is a fan of unexpected design detail. I was very impressed with her iPod earphones decoration, and her choice of bracelets. She mentioned that all the rings she wears belong to people she loved at one point, a darling expression of what makes her, her. 


She also wears three necklaces that all have special meanings which she never takes off, but she pairs them with other pieces to give them new life on a daily. I also love how she can say she is borrowing her mother's watches from the eighties, especially because I used to always steal my dad's clothes when I was in high school.

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