Friday, January 24, 2014

Preserving Style: Beauty At Any Age

I am so happy to be able to present another installment of my Preserving Style topics. All throughout the prior year, as one can tell from posts such as READing Your Style: Scent on a Journey, and READing Your Style: How to be Devastating, I found myself reading and enjoying InStyle Magazine almost as much as my beloved Vogue Magazine. In my fashion, InStyle is a wonderful buying guide and inspiring outfit planner for us common folk. I especially enjoy the magazine’s product reviews in that not only are they a fantastic way to stay up to date on what’s available to buy for our beauty needs, I love the insightful information that goes along with these product reviews that help us to understand what are the specific benefits for our varying needs. In my fashion, being proactive about the maintenance of one's body is the key to beauty. One of my favorite features that I am always excited to read is “Beauty: At Any Age”. 

As we age, we start to recognize changes in our bodies, changes that require more attention in regards to maintaining a youthful appearance. One finds that parts of your body you didn’t have to worry about in your teens are suddenly becoming a growing issue, and that’s where “Beauty: At Any Age” becomes helpful. Whether we like it or not, we are aging every second, and “Beauty: At Any Age” opens our eyes to what changes we can expect to see in ourselves as we age. We are all different, and so, we age differently based on how we were raised, but even if the specific changes outlined in the feature don’t happen to us at the decade they say those changes are to happen, to be able to recognize what’s happening to us when things on our person need a bit more attention is invaluable knowledge that could save you a trip to the doctor’s office. In my fashion, I just don’t want to have to feel like I need to take drastic measures when I feel like my boyish features are withering away. In case you missed an issue, over the next weeks I am going to post the “Beauty: At Any Age” feature from InStyle’s different issues they included their 2013 issues.

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