Monday, February 17, 2014

à la mode: 5 Days, 5 Looks, 1 Girl - Stella Greenspan

As evident by last year’s MET Gala Exhibition, Punk: Chaos to Couture, the rebellious nature of the punk aesthetic has evolved into so many interpretations since its beginnings in the last 60’s and early 70’s. In my fashion, punk in general terms means having the courage to be who you are and express yourself either through your clothing, attitude, actions, or beliefs, despite the feelings other may have towards you. Exuding a “punk” attitude says a lot about your strength in character and how you think. It makes for an intriguing personality for people to have to try to understand, and appreciate. 


When it comes to dressing for business, if you prefer a more hard rock inspired edge in the clothes you wear, it can be hard to incorporate that punky edge while still appearing professional enough to climb one’s corporate ladder. I myself have always enjoyed a more grungy, edgy look myself since middle school wearing beat up Chuck Taylors (which I still have), black clothes, and holes in my pants, but now, as an adult chasing a higher salary and executive leadership, my grungy looks are best saved for my weekends, and at home.


But sometimes, going to work, I like to add a bit of punk into the mix in my own ways. I believe Stella Greenspan, Fashion Assistant to Creative Director Grace Coddington, is a great example of how to do that. As one can see in her Day 1 look, there is something delightfully offbeat and hard edged about her considering her mid calf length leather skirt, teal stockings, and deconstructed leather shoes, all by Balenciaga. Unlike a lot of the smiling, gleaming Vogue girls who wear upbeat playful colors and patterns, Stella prefers to wear darker colors, and still looks as gleaming and smiley as any other Vogue girl. I love that she is able to wear dark colors, leather, and varsity jackets that are unconventional for the office, but the fact that she adds pops of color and crisp white collared shirts qualify her looks as professional attire. 


All of her looks are youthful, functional, appropriate for work, and say that this girl sees the beauty of the dark side. There are many variations to a girl’s personality, and a girl doesn’t have to be girly, flirty, and colorful to be beautiful. Her Balenciaga shoes are my favorite aspect to her looks for she wears them with each look, and there are so many qualities to them, that say so much about Stella in and of themselves. She inspired me to be comfortable wearing my big black Nike boots to work as long as I can balance the look out with some really tailored pants, and an interesting crisp collared shirt like her Day 4 look. 


I adore her Day 3 evening look and her Balenciaga skirt. The fact that she plays with the stripe effect from the skirt with her scarf and her sweater is genius, in my fashion. Along with the vintage jacket with all those zippers, and the leather shoes, it all culminates into a rough and tumble look that is still girly, flirty, and polished, and positively Vogue. 


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