Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Style Watch: Model Wall - Vogue Diaries (Part 2)

I adore the YouTube series on Vogue Magazines channel entitled, “Model Wall”. In my fashion, the minute long films of the models that Vogue features helps to show us aspects of these models that we don’t see when looking at a high fashion photo spread or high end fashion show. These models are just like any of the rest of us, so it’s interesting to view each model’s unique charm, and witness the interesting things that shape their individual personalities. Even though they aren't all glamed up, they show us the beauty of having one’s own individual interests, having certain perspectives about enjoying life, and leading lives based on their unique passions. They are, in my fashion, perfect representations of the idea that being beautiful is about being an enthusiastic and avid human being. Here I will feature some of my favorite models from the series.

Me being a photographer, I am obsessed with fashion models! I have to admit that I spent a lot of time watching America’s Next Top Model when I was in high school, and Tyra Banks has always been my model of choice even before I was seduced by the world of fashion. In my fashion, models portray a certain freedom of character and a burst of personality that we all would love to express for ourselves. What I have found is that the qualities we find most captivating in a model is their ability to portray an emotion that we as people feel, or would like to feel. As I mentioned before in my à la mode post, Into the Swing of Things, advertising is more about buying the feeling than about buying the product.

When it comes to my favorite models, what intrigues me about them is their ability to improve as a model by using their looks to show many different characters and portray the range of personalities they have inside. They portray something we haven’t seen before, or haven’t seen for a while, and this ability in top models of the world is infinitely intriguing to myself because I feel life is about transforming oneself, and models show us interesting ways to do that. In my fashion, they exude a certain courage, intelligence, and confidence, for they must find ways to expose a vulnerability from within that creates an snapshot of an authentic human experience. Even though one may be blessed with aesthetically pleasing features, to conjure that emotion for a photo is the real beauty of a photograph.

I love to see a photo that sends a jolt through my body, gives me goose bumps, and makes it so that I must stop, stare, and wonder how that photo came to be. Is it because of the photographic composition or because of the model’s actions in the photo that spark my intrigue? Models portray a zest for life that we all aspire to, and the way I have found to enjoy my life, is to look as if I could be in someone’s fashion spread, no matter where I am, for if I look as though I am magazine quality, most of the time, my attitude will bring itself to match what I am portraying on the outside. To think about the possibility of looking a certain way a model does in a particular look is aspirational, so long as one realizes that the beauty of their look comes less from their looks, and more from the feeling they exude from within. The question is how can you find the ways in which you can bring that emotion from within yourself for others to see in you. In my fashion, that is what will make you most intriguing. Fashion works to bring out the beautiful uniqueness of our inner character that yearns to be seen, heard, and expressed. After all, our differences are what make us most interesting and beautiful.

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