Monday, February 24, 2014

à la mode: 5 Days, 5 Looks, 1 Girl - Jane Herman Bishop


Oddly enough, I find I am not the type of person who likes to wear jeans to work, or too often as a matter of fact. With my personality and career mindedness, I am the type of person who enjoys dressing up in dress slacks and blazers on a daily to appear most professional and appropriate. 


But Vogue contributor and cofounder of, Jane Hermon Bishop, has me rethinking the notion I have for jeans. In my fashion, she almost gives me a new outlook on jeans as a whole. The way she puts her outfits together, the jeans she wears are almost camouflaged for what they are. 


For the sake of her blog, Jane wears jean every day, and her Day 4 look is one I adore because she isn’t wearing jean pants, but a jean jacket. She’s not particularly confined to wearing jean pants everyday but she was able to incorporate her love of the fabric elsewhere on her person. Plus with her Dries Van Noten pants almost look like jeans with a floral pattern on them, so the look is even more intriguing in that way. I also love a pointy shoe if you remember from my à la mode post "Retro Remix".

Her Day 5 look is a classic look that still passes as professional. It’s so basic, but the clean, crisp look of her tan jacket mixed with her clean white patterned blouse, and clean dark blue denim is a look I am sure no one would look away from. A clean look is always admirable, in my fashion. Although I do have a certain admiration for her ripped jeans in her Day 1 look. 


Paired with her black sweater with the small Christmas tree designs on the sleeve, and that colorfully patterned hood, I am attracted to the adolescent look especially with her canvas shoes. It’s another clean look, despite the rips in her pants. She is my inspiration for Casual Fridays at work.


  1. Hey Jon, I read about Jean Stories in InStyle (or was it in Elle? Can't remember! ) and thought it was a brilliant concept. I'm also not much of a jeans wearer but I'm adapting to create a more American casual vibe :)

    1. Denim really is a staple! Shh...I found the perfect pair of black denim boot cut pants and I wear them to work like all the time now, even when its not Friday. I still look professional on a daily, and no one can tell they are jeans (I think) because they are black, and clean cut (and actully fit my long legs!!). They really changed my perception of how great denim can be lol!!