Thursday, February 13, 2014

READing Your Style: Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible (Part 6)

As we know, the Fall/Winter 2014 Collections are well on their way, and in my fashion, thinking about the direction of fashion, it is so interesting to me to see how our ideas of what is "fashionable" change throughout time. As I mentioned in my February Editors's Letter, clothes in this 2014 year seem to be more about expressing a certain intelligence. Minimalism is the trend once again, and while one may think that minimalism is about pairing down, and dressing more simple, the concept of minimalism is really about giving the illusion of simplicity. A look can be minimal while being quite assembled and thought about, and that's the trend I am seeing going into 2014, and forward as we can now start to prepare our wardrobes for Fall.

The reason I decided to bring back Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible posts this month is to shed some light on fashion history, and churn ones mind about where our favorite pieces of clothing originated. As we all know here on #IMFblog, I find it fascinating to think about how pieces of clothes have developed throughout time, and why we are attracted to certain styles of dress. Strong style is dependent upon one's knowledge of how to use our looks to enhance our power to choose where we want to go in life. Hopefully these excerpts get you to taking more interest in being sartorially strategic and inspiring. 


Vogue, December 2013, "Dressing Like the Dickens", shot by Tim Walker


Vogue, January 2014, "More is More", shot by Craig McDean

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