Sunday, December 1, 2013

EDITOR'S LETTER: December 2013

This coat I found at The ARTisan Cafe at Stoney Point Shopping Center is a wonderful find that is on my wishlist this Christmas! In my fashion, this unique coat says everything I need it to say about me, and I absolutely love the jewel detail on the sleeve. It's intricate, subtle and gorgeously made (all the qualities I am about, if I do say so myself). 

Now that we are officially into the 2013 Holiday Season, tis the season for exuberance! In my fashion, this is the most glamorous time of the year for everyone. When it comes to holiday parties, family gatherings, and the celebration of the New Year, this is the time to be as decadent as possible. It's all about dressing to impress, and what's more impressive than over the top jewelry. This holiday season, your jewelry says everything! All around me I am noticing that the style that stands out the most is all about jewels, and embellishment, and regalia - adorning oneself with fantasy. In my fashion, what is sexy in the summer is skin; but during the winter, jewelry is the new skin. In the cold we are all covered in layers of clothes, so how else is one suppose to catch the eye of that boy across the room at a holiday dinner party. Don't be afraid to think out of the ordinary with how you wear jewelry this season (especially wearing jewels in one's hair as suggested in the December 2013 issue of Vogue). That's why I am so excited to feature the Swarovski Elements Horoscope Calendar in my READing Your Style Series on Astrology. In my fashion, they are excellent visual inspiration for one's imagination as we ponder the extent to which we can create uniquely regal looks for oneself during the holidays.

In my fashion, I am sure I would attract many head turns, and I would be happy to tell anyone to visit The ARTisan Cafe to find other ethnic inspired clothes, accessories, artwork, made by local artists. I will be posting more of some of the merchandise you can buy from the store on my Instagram. Hint: A great place for unique gift ideas!
As you know, #IMFblog is always about thinking outside the box, and how to be 100% unique. With my recent fascination in the zodiac, the point I am trying to send home this month is that by delving deeper into our zodiac and gaining a deeper understanding of our astrological influences, one may be able to conjure even more clever and unique looks to shine above everyone else and say exactly what we want our look to say about ourselves. I love when people want to know why I am wearing a certain item. I think with clothes we should always aim to show people something they haven't seen before. It's about generating intrigue in oneself, and gravitating the people whom you can create a dialogue with. I like when I get to go into detail about why I am wearing an item because it allows me to express my point of view and the way I see the world. Its empowering to know that others are interested in who you are, and in many situations it helps to create greater connections between the people we meet. In my fashion, life is all about learning from other people. Nothing we wear is an accident, and the clothes we put on tell a certain story about ourselves and explains what we are all about. One exudes strength in character when there is a certain intention put into the look we put together for ourselves; that strength of character is what I like to call, style. Hopefully, the stories I share this month about each sign of the zodiac proves entertaining enough for you to inspire world-shaking conversation with old family members, new friends, and potential mates. The idea is to not only impress with your jewelry, but also to go as far to impress others with whats on your brain.


  1. The coat is gorgeous! I liked what you said about wearing jewelry, specially in the winter. I haven't thought about it that way. (Putting on a chunky necklace right now!) x

  2. I know you must have looked awesome with your necklace and whatever skirt you had on that day ;-) Paula you make me smile! Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this post...I'm really excited about my jewelry/ Astrology posts for this month....check back with me and let me know what you think!!!