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READing Your Style: Legends of the Zodiac - Taurus

Oh joy, to the internet and how it makes life so much more convenient! I have finally found a useful purpose for Pinterest! Now, I have had a Pinterest account for a few months and it has taken me a while to take a liking to it, especially considering all the other social media platforms I already have. But this month, as I was searching for jewelry to feature for this here series on 'Jewelry for the Holidays based on Zodiac Gemstones', I found Pinterest to be a great tool as an online buying guide, especially for all my last minute gifters. What I have been able to do is create a ‘board’ for each sign of the zodiac, and based on the gemstone that correlates with each sign, I was able to scour other Pinterest boards, and ‘Pin’ jewelry that I found to be great buying options based on the gemstone I wanted to feature for each sign. Please visit and follow my Pinterest if you have one, and create on if you don’t, for I have found jewelry of all price ranges from different sources ranging from Bulgari to If perhaps your “ballin’ on a budget”, I include more reasonably priced look-a-like pieces of the gemstones featured for each zodiac that are made of crystal, and even plastic. In my fashion, it’s all about the look and what your jewelry means to you, not the price! I was pleasantly surprised at how good a resource Pinterest is for shopping and selling. I say, if you are salesperson, consider Pinterest to display your product, especially if you have unique items. I can just imagine how many people want interesting, one-of-a-kind pieces, but don’t know where to go to shop for just what they want. For consumers, Pinterest is a great way to find those pieces, and for sellers, it’s a great way to market your pieces to the worldwide market.

The InMyFashion Pinterest

As I promised in my December Editor’s Letter, I hope you find the ‘Legends of the Zodiac’ stories from, ‘The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need’, as entertaining as I did. They are intended to educate and inspire more intimate and intriguing reasons for adorning oneself with such gems inspired by the zodiac. As I have always championed on #IMFblog, items worn with a certain intention make for stronger individual style, and in my fashion, the items we wear provide their own energy in the same way our personalities provide/receive energy from other people. If you think about it, it is interesting how the jewelry we wear, or see others wearing, can affect our mood. Whether it’s more of a mental process, or that gems/jewelry radiate a certain “life energy”, there is something to be said about jewelry’s transformative qualities on our perceptions of ourselves or other wearers.

It has been said that wearing emeralds eases breathing, clarifies eyesight and thought patterns and improves communication, so if you're applying for a loan, asking for a rise or on the search for a soul mate - wear an emerald! Sultry sensual Taurus has a healthy appetite for the material pleasures of the earth. Good food, good wine and of course good loving(Read more from Frank Pilkington)

The second sign of the zodiac is represented by the Bull, an animal that is both fierce and gentle and has always symbolized strength and sexuality.

The myth of the Bull beings with Jupiter, supreme god of ancient Greece, ruler of heaven, of lesser gods, and men. Jupiter had a strong romantic streak, and had numerous love affairs, wives, and mistresses. One such love affair concerns the beautiful Princess Europa, daughter of the King of Phoenicia.

Europa led a very sheltered existence in her father’s palace and knew nothing of the world outside. One night she had a prophetic dream in which a strange woman held out her arms to Europa and said, “I shall bring you to Jupiter, for your destiny has appointed you his beloved.”

Sure enough, that day when Europa and a group of young maidens went out to pick roses and hyacinths in a meadow by the sea, Jupiter saw her and was thunderstruck by her beauty. There and then her determined to have her.

Jupiter knew that an innocent young girl like Europa would run from him if he showed himself in his own godlike image, so he transformed himself into a Bull. He became not an ordinary bull, but a magnificent white Bull with jewel-like horns and silver crescent moon in the middle of his forehead.

Europa was fascinated by the beautiful, gentle Bull, and began to caress him. Finally she climbed onto his back. That was just what Jupiter wanted. He sprang into the air and carried her away to the island of Crete. There, he changed himself back to his true likeness and declared his love for Europa. Under the boughs of a large tree, he and Europa became lovers.

Not long afterward Venus, the goddess of love, appeared to Europa to confess that she was the strange women in the dream. From now on, Venus told her, the continent to which Jupiter had taken her would be known as Europe.

This adulterous love story (Jupiter was married to the goddess Juno) has a happy ending. Europa bore Jupiter three children, and Jupiter took the likeness of the Bull and placed it in the heavens. 

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