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READing Your Style: Legends of the Zodiac - Virgo

Oh joy, to the internet and how it makes life so much more convenient! I have finally found a useful purpose for Pinterest! Now, I have had a Pinterest account for a few months and it has taken me a while to take a liking to it, especially considering all the other social media platforms I already have. But this month, as I was searching for jewelry to feature for this here series on 'Jewelry for the Holidays based on Zodiac Gemstones', I found Pinterest to be a great tool as an online buying guide, especially for all my last minute gifters. What I have been able to do is create a ‘board’ for each sign of the zodiac, and based on the gemstone that correlates with each sign, I was able to scour other Pinterest boards, and ‘Pin’ jewelry that I found to be great buying options based on the gemstone I wanted to feature for each sign. Please visit and follow my Pinterest if you have one, and create on if you don’t, for I have found jewelry of all price ranges from different sources ranging from Bulgari to If perhaps your “ballin’ on a budget”, I include more reasonably priced look-a-like pieces of the gemstones featured for each zodiac that are made of crystal, and even plastic. In my fashion, it’s all about the look and what your jewelry means to you, not the price! I was pleasantly surprised at how good a resource Pinterest is for shopping and selling. I say, if you are salesperson, consider Pinterest to display your product, especially if you have unique items. I can just imagine how many people want interesting, one-of-a-kind pieces, but don’t know where to go to shop for just what they want. For consumers, Pinterest is a great way to find those pieces, and for sellers, it’s a great way to market your pieces to the worldwide market.

As I promised in my December Editor’s Letter, I hope you find the ‘Legends of the Zodiac’ stories from, ‘The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need’, as entertaining as I did. They are intended to educate and inspire more intimate and intriguing reasons for adorning oneself with such gems inspired by the zodiac. As I have always championed on #IMFblog, items worn with a certain intention make for stronger individual style, and in my fashion, the items we wear provide their own energy in the same way our personalities provide/receive energy from other people. If you think about it, it is interesting how the jewelry we wear, or see others wearing, can affect our mood. Whether it’s more of a mental process, or that gems/jewelry radiate a certain “life energy”, there is something to be said about jewelry’s transformative qualities on our perceptions of ourselves or other wearers.

Traditionally identified as Virgo's birthstone, the sardonyx promotes clear expression, healthy marital relationships and a positive state of mind. Because the sardonyx is a fire stone - ruled by the planet of Mars and associated with the warrior god of the same name - the assignment of this birthstone to Virgo raises problems. Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury and associated with Mercury the god of communication. (Read more from Frank Pilkington)

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and the second sign to have a human representation rather than an animal one. Virgo is often depicted as a young woman holding a sheaf of wheat, for the constellation of Virgo has always been associated with the harvest. Babylonians called the constellation The Furrow, and it was represented by a corn goddess. The most prominent star in Virgo is named Spica, meaning Ear of Corn.

The legend of Virgo is found in the Greek myth of Creation. The story goes that before men or animals lived on Earth, a race of giants, called titans, ruled the world. Two titan brothers, Prometheus and Epimetheus, were given the task of creating human beings and animals—wings to one kind, claws to another, etc. He was so generous that when it came time to dispense something to mankind, he had nothing left to give, so he asked Prometheus for help. Prometheus went into heaven and came back with the gift of fire. This made man superior to other species, for with fire he could keep warm, make tools, and eventually develop commerce and science.

Jupiter, chief of gods, became so angry at the gods’ secret of fire being given to man that he bound Prometheus to rock on Mount Caucasus where an eagle constantly tore at his liver, though never entirely consuming it. He also sent a curse to Earth, brought by the first woman. Her name was Pandora, meaning “a gift of all the gods.”

Pandora brought with her a box, which she was told never to open. One day, seized with curiosity, she lifted the lid of the box. Out sprang terrible plagues to haunt mankind forever after: sickness and death for the body; anger, envy, and revenge for the mind. At the bottom of the box lay the one thing that had not escaped –hope.

During the terrible times that followed, the gods deserted Earth one by one and went to live in heaven. The very last to leave was Astraea, goddess of innocence and purity. After leaving the Earth, Astraea was placed among the stars and became the constellation of Virgo. The legend is that one day the Golden Age will come again, and Astraea (Virgo) will return to Earth.

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