Tuesday, November 25, 2014

à la mode: The New Now

If you haven't got them memo yet, this fall is all about deconstructed minimalism. The below spread styled by one of my favorite Vogue Fashion Editors, Lucinda Chambers, from UK Vogue which was in their August 2014 issue shot by Patrick Demarchelier. I appreciate Chambers personal style, and an editor's personal style is always indicative of the sort of aesthetic approach their fashion stories are usually constructed. When one does a Google search of Chamber's street looks, I have noticed how Chambers combines unique pieces to create a cleverly unexpected look that makes sense in a mad hatter sort of way. As we all know, the Mad Hatter was a genius in his own right, and I think that is what the looks in this spread exude. In my fashion, I love a look where each piece of the sum is interesting all by itself, but the ensemble of those pieces culminates into one ultra unique, creative and appealing look. My mind travels to the days when I used to watch Power Rangers and the Rangers would combine each of their individual colossal assault machines into one "Megazord". Even though each Ranger was strong and talented in their own regard, when they came together they were a real force to be reckoned with. Remember your clothes are your armor that prepares you for the public, so in that regard, I say pay close attention to the work of Lucinda Chambers in UK Vogue if you need a look that makes a concise aesthetic statement. 


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