Wednesday, May 23, 2012

à la mode: Bring on the Night

Now that the social season is finally mounting with the coming of Memorial Day and more consistently hotter days, it’s time to bring our summery sartorial ideas into fruition. The June 2012 issue of Allure is an issue I deeply recommend all women to take a look see at, for the advice given on skin, hair and summer beauty is a good reminder of how to transition from our wintery priorities of trying to harbor moisture and layering up, to letting loose while still attending to essential needs.

Aside, from the beauty reports, Fashion Editor, Paul Cavaco shows fantastic end-results to Allure's "not-too-formal evening formula" (long dresses, loose trousers, a shiny clutch, and a chunk of jewelry). This summer, as I mentioned before, is all about bold off-beat colors and florals, mixed with the carefree vibe similar to the spirit of the 90's. The spread, Bring on the Night, shot by Terry Tsiolis, got me thinking differently about how women should approach their night-on-the-town garb. [Photo Credits: source]

I would love to see women these days daring to make longer skirts and dresses, ULTRA sexy. Even though more material would have you thinking less sex appeal, I think more fabric brings on the opportunity to peek-a-boo your "best assets" instead of making it so easy for ogling-one-track-minded males to paint you naked in their heads. Men like to be challenged (at least those who think further than the length of their member below the belt), so I say test them to look at you in a different, more intellectually challenging way by showing him your sexy in ways that "spell" out sexy, rather than flat out give him the answer on a silver platter. Make use of the Cavaco formula to weed out the perverts and challenge men to look past only your womanly assets as to find the smart men who will appreciate your beauty for all its worth. This is an opportunity to wear light fabrics that move with you and for you as you stride down the street, or move past enviable eyes at a party. It’s an opportunity to look regal, yet bold as you saunter past other gals with their hemlines well above the tips of their fingers and their cleavage practically wrestling to escape captivity. In my fashion, these long, slinky looks shown in Allure work perfectly for prom, or for a normal night out.

I personally would like women to experiment with personalizing dresses and maybe cutting a long dress to match the cut of the champagne Givenchy sequined dress below, or hide the breast behind blouses that expose cleavage in more subtle and clever ways such as the magenta Salvatore Ferragamo halter top shown above, or the top of the white Gucci Georgette dress with the elegant strips of fabric that would flow as you walk, or stand in the wind. Have a large faux fur like the Ralph Lauren ostrich feathered bolero shown above? With some colorful daisy duke-like shorts, and a simple tank, throw that on top of you on a chillier summer night for an opulent look that serves both purposes of being warm and shockingly avant guard. As far as dressing up a long simple dress such as the white silk DKNY dress in the above first photo, if you have a long rope, piece of leather, or long skinny piece of colorful fabric don't be afraid to wrap it around yourself in the same fashion that the model, Carmen Kass, is strategically bound in. And don't be afraid of trousers either, for loose, breathable trousers like the deep purple Salvatore Ferragamo pants above, allow for air to circulate in the region below the equator. Lastly, if you have a dress similar to the languid Calvin Klien dress below, I say cutting the arm holes considerably longer would offer a peek-a-boo of a colorful and contrasting colored bra, which would serve as daring and interesting eye candy for the observant on-looker.

I feel in this season of bubble gum fun and the surge in techno dance music, mixed with that tinge of relaxed optimism, our clothes should be relaxed yet bold and daring so that in the easiness of our frocks we can do a multitude of summer activities knowing that eyes are turning without you needing to do so much as to simply be happy in the moment. In my fashion, I say make your cloths work for you this summer!

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