Sunday, May 20, 2012

Style Watch: Mary Mary

This is a special weekend post for this marvelous Sunday that I wanted to throw out there to lift your spirits for the day! Erica and Tina Campbell of the gospel duo, Mary Mary, are fine examples of Living for Your Style (living exclusively for the Lord), and have staked their claim on the gospel market once again. May 8, 2012 marked the release of their seventh album, Go Get It, a compilation of songs from past albums, with a few new songs, including the video I am showing here on, also named "Go Get it". Now, even though its already well known that these two posses voices that have obviously been touched by that divine power, this video is supplemented by stunning visual examples of gorgeous, God-fearing, "generously proportioned", black women, and how to exude an aura of confidence, pride, and utter fabulousness. If the sheer simple, yet strong, message of the song itself doesn't pull you out your seat and light a match in your heart, hopefully their beautiful visual interpretation of the song helps to register that go-getter attitude they are perpetuating.

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