Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Style Watch: Nicki Minaj and Rihanna

Here on, I am very excited about this summer! I've been very optimistic about what this summer has to bring in terms of clothing options, especially as the feel of the coming heat energizes me and makes me so ecstatic to contribute to a summer celebrating the fact that life is good! In this Style Watch I have to highlight not one, but two videos that have been released by two of the most undeniably hot and sought after artists of the year so far, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna.

Both of these videos adhere to the bright, summer, fun vibe I have been feeling in my bones as of late, where Nicki Minaj reminds us of carefree fun on the beach in titillating bathing suits and neon colored hair, and  Rihanna takes a more dark, and sultry aesthetic, using tribal inspired looks and hot island dance moves to spice up our lives. Both of the women's beauty in these videos give me goosebumps and make my hair stand on end because they provide so much inspiration, not just to look fantastically perfect this summer, but to simply enjoy life and live in the moment.

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